Luke 3:10-11
“The people asked him, what shall we do, then?
He answered,”Whoever has two shirts must give one to the man who has none, and whoever has food must share it.”

On February 14th, a day presumed to be Lovers day and been celebrated worldwide to show love, the SMILE AFRIK’s team set off to SAPOR, a village about 40km away from Akosombo in the Asuogyaman district in the Eastern region of Ghana. This village although nearer to the power house of the country, has no electricity nor network of any kind to use. The inhabitants of this locality have resolved  to come out of the village only on Fridays, just because vehicles only comes to this village on market days and this day happens to be Friday. The poor state of the road constituted to all these.
Even though the inhabitants supplies the district with foodstuffs, they have been left to suffer in this mess.
This is the village where the SMILE AFRIK team went to commemorate the Valentine’s Day .
We gave out 300 Exercise Books with pens and pencils to 60 brilliant but needy students of the school to help them in their academic work and also encourage them to strive higher not withstanding the village in which they come from.
The team before the donation gave the students a message of encouragement and we charged them to look beyond their poor community, respect their teachers and parents and always aim higher.
The students were very happy as their faces were filled with smiles. The head teacher also put before the team a humble request for a generator to help power electricity in their newly built classroom block so that the teachers can also have the opportunity of watching news.
  The entire community expressed their heartfelt gratitude for  our kind gesture and asked that we continue the good work we are doing.
They blessed us and then bidded us fare well.
For more info kindly visit our Facebook page @ SMILE AFRIK or whatsapp +233540434383/+233241891962
  Enjoy some images from the outreach below…



The happy beneficiaries showing their items


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