Eʋegbefiala: Ewe-English Dictionary Launched  

A first ever modern Ewe -English Dictionary (Eʋegbefiala) has been launched at the British Council in Accra.

Speaking at the launch, the former Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Hon. Abla Dzifa Gomashie who was the Special Guest at the event called on Ghanaians to be confident in expressing themselves in their mother tongue.  She bemoaned the rate at which Ghanaians were trading their mother tongue for that of others and cautioned that when not checked could make their language become extinct.

The Hon. Deputy Minister reiterated the need to learn a new language because it broadened the horizon of the learner.  Speaking about the dictionary, she expressed surprise at the nonexistent of any Ewe – English dictionary in libraries and bookshelves in the country. Dictionary which they believe will go a long way to help preserve the Ewe language and promote it locally and internationally.

Hon. Gomashie expressed her sincerest gratitude and joy to the publishers for coming out with such an innovation. She described the book as an all-time favourite book of the Ewe land which would help preserve the language.

Narrating how the dream to publish the dictionary begun, Mr. Aseye Dzobo, said his challenge to speak the Ewe language motivated him to undertake the project. He said an encounter with a non speaker of the ewe language influenced him. This female friend of his walked to him to ask for the meaning of a word he could not answer. This embarrassing encounter with his friend sparked his desire to want to learn the language.

His resolve to learn led him to his mechanic who understood the language very well. For several months he spent time with his mechanic learning. He said he spent 10 years researching into the work. Sharing some of the challenges he encountered with his audience, he said “When I first shared my vision of developing a Ewe dictionary with people I thought would encourage me rather to pursue the vision rather killed it but I wasn’t perturbed by all the negative and discouraging comments; I set myself to work and for the greater part of my ten years of work the eight years was devoted to extensive research work”.

Mr. Aseye Dzobo walking to podium

He used the opportunity to express his profound gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Kofi Dorvlo, Prof. G. K. Nukunya, Prof. D. E. K. Amenumey for their immerse contributions, supports and encouragements which led to the realization of the dream.

Mr. Aseye Dzobo urged all especially young people to believe in their dreams and work hard towards it even if people do not believe in them.

The first copy of the Ewe – English was sold at GHS 6,000.00.  The dictionary contains a number of popular Ewe proverbs and their interpretation, names of the week and month in Ewe, some animals, parts of the human body, some common expression in Ewe among others.

Editor’s Note:

Call Aseye on +233 26 996 8829 or email him via aseyekrafts@gmail.com

Mr. Ken Adevu: 0208373245

Mr. Selorm Abusah: 0243385852


Mr. Hopeson : 0241749909

Mrs. Hornam Carl: 0244483296

Mrs. Fafa Ansah: 0248441601


Dela Dzobo: 0540733270







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