Syrup Dree -Dodzi (official Lyrics)


2016 DeBestGrandpapa, I’m still alive 
Verse 1

Mawuga le Dzifo,me Nyame a )w) soro

I know say I dey owe, but wose ma mensuro

Me nyabe I go blow,ne matr)zu hero

Blessings on the way, more than kilo

Futorwo le agbagba dzem gake wo nusee

Ena miele agbe, forna ndikaii

Atanfo be tumi akyekyere nanso wobe sane

E miayram kokooko futor gblorbe eeeiii

I must thank u God

I trust in u day and night u never let me down 

Because u be more 

When u speak when u talk every knee must bow

Menyabe meworge

Menyabe meworge

Medzibe mawue mawue ayidzi de 

Gake futorwo ho ava de ntinye be awww de

Mawuli mawuli mieworge koee

Enyonyoge mebe enyonyoge 
Yata na dodzilo(mawu worge)

Na dodzilo(mawu worge)

Na dodzilo 

Gbedeka ko avanyo eeeee//3x
Verse 2

Jesus loves Syrup, Syrup loves Jesus

Cos i put it down like am the real fun of Haters

Never trynna f*** with me cos am not a baby

I never say never till the bones are rotten

Am a real gee, am the hope for the future

Riding straight to Miami guess u wanna feature 

I flow till your girl’s trynna bring her body nearer 

She wanna teach me somtin but i showed her am a teacher

Am a rap addict,niggars hala me for feature 

Susupons trynna bury me but am a seed

Give me direction to Korle-bu the boy too sick

My music too sweet everybody wanna sip

I flow i flow till Stone call me flowking

Haaa I say Stone call me flowking
Repeat chorus
Verse 3

Push it hard,never give up

If the battle gets tough don’t stop but change your shoes//2x
Repeat chorus
You can download the audio below

Syrup Dree-Dodzi(prod by clamzy)













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