Pemtsikata’s Entertainment signed artist, Jay Breezy presents to us the ”Yeta Aleke Family”. Yeta Aleke is an Ewe Language term which means ”And So What? ”.According to him,this term is to tell those who boast of what they have and see themselves more important than others that we are all humans and that we must treat each other equally no matter our status.This also is to tell the weak,poor,hopeless and the youth that they should not give up in whatever they do because it shall be well one day. 

Jay Breezy has a new song titled Yeta Aleke which contains a lot of motivation you must listen to. Trust me this song is going to make you dance because the title alone is a hit. 

Few lines from the song:

They say them badder, yeta aleke

They say them kpese, yeta aleke

Yeta Aleke which is the new anthem will be premiered on Shine, 96.9fm On Sunday, 11th December, 2016  during the Sunday Special program with Dj Stephen. The song will be released after the premiere so you should keep watch on pemtsikata.wordpress.com so as to get it first. 

Follow Jay Breezy for bookings and updates on:

Facebook: Jay Breezy

Whatsapp/Call:024 628 0197



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