Final Episode.

They took Ryan to an ambulance. Accompanied by Frank and Adriana. It was a disaster for Adriana. The case took her by surprise. And she was psychologically affected.

When they got to the hospital,Adriana was sent to a psychologist and they took Ryan away. They called both parents to come to the hospital. They came as soon as the call came but didn’t know what had happened. They gave them the news which fainted Mrs Ayensu.

All hope was lost at that time. Withing a shortest period,the news had been broken all over radio stations and TV stations. Church members who heard it quickly rushed to the hospital.

It wasn’t Mercy’s intention to kill Ryan. She shot him by mistake. She really cried bitterly and cursed her self. When Roland was also told about the news,he nearly got mad. He booked the next available flight with his wife to come down.

Adriana was okay by then and ordered not to take Ryan’s body to the mortuary. She went to see the body. And in fact when we say someone is crazy about love, there’s nothing that can stop the person. She really cried a lot and talked for about 6 hours with him. Getting to the evening and they saw she was still in a room with Ryan,they decided to bring her out and do the necessary arrangement for Ryan to be kept in the mortuary.

Doctor: miss the body has to be preserved so please leave us alone for the arrangAdriana: and who said he’s dead? Ryan is alive he is just sleeping. Nobody should dare touch him.
They saw she was still mentally affected by the case.

The doctor called the nurses to take her out. And she struggled with them until they injected her with some drugs to sleep.

When the pathologist was about to take him away, Ryan sneezed which called the attention of the doctor. He stopped the pathologist and he quickly sent him to another ward.

Ryan wasn’t dead. He was just unconscious. The bullets never penetrated his body. He was saved by the neckless Adriana gave him.

He quickly asked for Adriana and they told him she had been injected so she had slept. He went to see her and waited for her to wakeup.

When Adriana woke up and saw him,she nearly fainted but Ryan was there quickly to hold her hands. Their love instantly renewed. Adriana told him about everything from when he was shot till that time.

They went downstairs to see their parents and their love ones who were also at the hospital. They were really surprised to see him back. And they all gave praise to God for the greater things. Roland also came to meet his brother the next day very strong and healthy.

Their love was growing and bigger and bigger everyday. They planned of their wedding. The wedding finally came on.

Roland had 2 children with his wife. Ryan also had 2. Mr Will gave all his companies to Ryan to manage for him.

        THE END.



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