Man invents car that sails on water and cruises on road

A Nigerian man has shown off a fascinating invention that has quickly gone viral.
He has invented a car that can not only cruise easily on land, it can also sail on water.
Photos of the prototype amphibious car have amassed a lot of views on social media with many praising his effort.

Man invents Amphibious car
Most commenters on the photos expressed the fact that all this man needs is the support of the government and other corporate entity to make this invention even better.

He shows off this wonderful invention and how it works

In the photos, we can see the young man describing this vehicle to an interested group of people.

Nigerians hope the young man can get the support he needs
Hopefully, this will not be one of those achievements that would be swept under the rug and the smart young man can get the support he needs. 

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  1. Edwin Agbegoe says:

    man sup?? where u go hide ??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. patdree says:

      I base ooo


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