Episode 24

They drove them away without knowing where they were going to. After a long drive,they got to a deep forest where no one could rescue them.

They brought them out of the car and took them to a building. There wasn’t any light there. Their hands were bind and couldn’t do anything to save them selves. They were in fear and panic. Adriana cried bitterly that night. All of a sudden, someone slapped her to shut her mouth.

They laid them down to sleep but they couldn’t sleep till the next morning they saw they were surrounded by an armed men.

Back in their parents houses, they were all wondering where they could have been. They tried their numbers many times but it wasn’t going through. Both parents came to meet in church since it was Sunday and you could see how their faces were.

The church prayed for them after the news was broken in church. Meanwhile, the police had been told of their missing already so they were in search of them.

Things were getting tough back in the forest for Ryan and Adriana. No one was talking to them. When they asked for something, nothing was giving to them. Ryan with a loud voice said, can someone tell us what is going on here? One of the men used the tip of his gun to hit his mouth very hard. All his mouth was full of blood. He had been seriously injured.

But that didn’t shut him up. He said again cowards why don’t you kill us. You fucking ass holes. What do you want from us? Adriana was then crying all along. Blood was just flowing from his mouth as he was talking.

He heard a voice from another side of the building saying, heyy Ryan! You are talking too much. It sounded like a lady’s voice. Who could that person be?

Finally the person behind the kidnap showed up. It was the devil Mercy.
Mercy: Ryan,Adriana you are both welcome to my crib. This is my kingdom and these are my people.
Ryan: I knew it from the start Mercy. What on earth do you want from me?
Mercy: Ryan all i want is your love and nothing else. Please marry me and let this bitch go away from us. When did she came? Ryan see how you are suffering. See how you profusely bleeding.
Ryan: I will rather die than to marry you. You know what? Go to hell.

One of the guy’s wanted to take an action but Mercy stopped him and said untie him and bring him to me. Adriana fainted when seeing her man was taking away.

No one paid attention to her. They left her down alone. Ryan was taking to another room where Mercy was. Mercy told him to have sex with her in front of Adriana. Or she (Adriana) will be in trouble.

Ryan accepted to do that with her if that will make her happy. He had his plans. He carried her on his hands and started kissing her to the room where Adriana was. Unfortunately for Mercy, Adriana was still lying down unconscious.

She got furious about his men for not attending to her. So did she felt pity for her or she wanted to make her jealous?

The police were also making everything possible to find them. Their parents were so much worried. All they did was praying. Roland also got worried when he heard the case.

Back in the forest, they tried everything possible to wake Adriana up. Hours without food nor a water. Mercy then told Ryan if she is back,they could still go back to their plan. But Ryan said the plan has ended.

Immediately Mercy heard that from him, she quickly took a gun from one of his men and pointed it on Adriana’s head.

Mercy: Ryan I swear to God if you don’t stick to my plan i will blow this bitch head off.
Ryan: please Mercy leave her out of this. She is innocent. Mercy started counting from 5-1 to start doing it or she is gonna kill her.
Mercy: 5,4,3,2 Ryan what are you still doing. She pulled the trigger but Ryan was there to save Adriana.

The bullet got into Ryan’s right chest. The police surrounded them immediately. Frank quickly came to untie Adriana and took her with him but she refused to leave seeing Ryan on the ground dead. She couldn’t cry anymore. It happened to her as a dream. It seemed she had lost her memory.

The police arrest Mercy and her boys. Why was Frank there? He followed them when they were kidnap to a point he couldn’t go again. So he brought the police to that point and they traced them there.

The final episode is next.



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