Episode 22

He was also arrested after confessing he was paid by Britney to do that.
Mr Will thanked R2 very well for getting into the button of the case. He and Ryan flew back to Ghana.

Mercy on the other hand  still wanted  to be with Ryan even after all she had done to Roland. She gave Ryan a message with a strange number saying ” if you want your so call Adriana safe,then stick to my rule now. Meet me in Mari lodge at the hours of 23:12 in room 213. See you there. Don’t mess up”.

After he read the message,he called Adriana to check if she was okay. She said she was okay. Ryan was afraid to let anything happen to Adriana so he went to meet the person. But before he was going, he called Adriana to tell her to be careful. Adriana even didn’t sleep at home that day. She went to see her friend Ashley to study for their final paper.

He got to the location and straight went to room 213 to meet the person. He knocked but there wasn’t any responds sooner or later he saw Mercy coming towshow
him. He asked, so you were behind this right? I knew it. What at all do you want from me?

I need nothing but your love. If you don’t love me, you just have sex with me and I will leave you forever said Mercy.
You see you don’t love me, is just lust you have for me. May God forgive you Mercy. Ryan left her presence quickly to go. The next thing he heard from Mercy was, she will pay for this.

Adriana went home the next day only to find her door had been torched. She called the police to report the case. After the police had gone,she called Ryan to tell him what had happened. Ryan advised her to seek for shelter. She did as Ryan commanded her to do.

She parked a couple of things and went to stay with Ashley for a while. Who wanted to attack Adriana?

On that same week right after the Sunday service,Ryan called Mercy to give her a strong warning. He told her if anything happens to Adriana, she will see the black side of him.

Ryan didn’t keep the case to himself alone. He reported the case to the church elders and showed them the text she sent to him. And what happened that same day in the UK at Adriana’s house.

Mercy was summoned to the church elders for questions. She denied all the charges against her. She even shared crocodile tears to make her innocent. Ryan didn’t have much evidence but he assured them he will surely make his investigations.

Who were behind Adriana’s attack,and who sent them? Mercy was behind this plot. She was furious when she heard they couldn’t get the target.

Ryan made sure Adriana was okay. He hired a secret body guard for him to protect her everyday. Right after her exams, she came back to Ghana for her safety.

Mercy came with another plan to bring Ryan down. After a weekday service one day, she saw Ryan was in the youth office so she quickly went inn and started taking off her cloths and shouted rape,rape,rape. Some members who were around rushed to the office to see what was going on there. But to Mercy’s surprise,she didn’t realised Frank was in the office when she entered. So all her plan failed. She was indefinitely suspended.

To be continued tomorrow. This is just the beginning. 

Watch out for Mercy’s show.



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