Episode 19

Ryan’s attitude made Mercy very wild and she quickly called the one in charge of the projector in church to meet her somewhere. Because she has some offer for him. She said to him I will text you with the venue and time later.

The receiver said okay i will be expecting the offer. She texted him the venue and time as she promised. It was a hotel and the time was 8pm.

The time was up and they  both came to meet as they agreed. These two people did whatever they had to do there and she gave her an SD card which contained the video.

The guy promised to show it as they have agreed to. During church service on that Sunday, the guy was about to show the video. But God being so good,he couldn’t find this SD card. He asked himself where could this card be?

Mercy was at the back monitoring how the thing was going to be. But she waited and waited till the end of the service but nothing was showed on the projector.

Mercy confronted the guy right after church. Their argument  was getting heated which drew people’s attention.

Ryan being the youth leader,approached them to settle whatever case they were having.
Ryan: Frank what is it?
Mercy: Mr man stand aside no one has called you here.
Frank: Ryan we agreed on something and the thing has been misplaced. That’s all the noise she is making here.
Ryan: what was it?
Frank: it was an SD card which contained a video which I don’t know what was on it. Mercy tried stepping on his  toes bit he ignored him.
Ryan: so Mercy you were serious about it?
Mercy: you thought I was joking right?
Ryan: oh I thank God. I found an SD card this morning at the youth office. I don’t know if it is this one?
Frank: exactly that’s it.
Mercy: Frank you will surely pay for this heavily. She run away to her car and left them.

Adriana was also getting sick. She called Roland to see her. Because she was afraid to call Ryan. When Roland got to the house and saw the state she was in, she quickly took her to the hospital because her parents were not around. Roland called his brother when they got to the hospital.

Ryan stopped everything he was doing and quickly went to the hospital to see her. He was directed to her ward. He asked her what was wrong with her? Her body temperature was rising up. He sent Roland to call the doctor to come and see her.

The doctor said she was suffering from fever and she would be okay. Later on,her parents came to meet R2 with Adriana at the hospital.

Roland had to go and attend to another thing. It was getting late and Adriana’s parents left Ryan and Adriana and went home. The nurses on duty that night wanted to send Ryan home,but he begged to stay with his girl.

During the midnight hour, Ryan had a whatsapp text. When he opened it, it was a video from a foreign number and it was written under it “see how she was drunk and had sex with his boyfriend.

She asked Ryan what was it but since she was sick,he didn’t want to say anything to her or show her the video. When her mum came to visit her the next morning, Ryan had to go home and have some rest. He watched the video very well when he got to the house. And indeed you could see from the video clearly that she was drugged and raped.

To be continued…




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