Episode 16

Mercy kept texting him with her threats. She even went to the extreme to send him the sex scandal.
She gave him an ultimatum to finish the business.

It was getting worse for him. He didn’t know what to do. His only option was to wait for his brother to come back then he tells him about it.

The next day,his brother flew back to Ghana. He went to the airport to pick him home. He couldn’t wait for his brother to rest or something when they got home.

He told him right away. Ryan was very angry about all the skeletons in his cupboard. He told him to leave his alone.

The next morning when he woke up, he came with a plan. He called his brother to his room and asked him to get that girls number for him.
Roland gave it out straight.

Ryan called Mercy and had a nice talk with her. She booked an appointment with her and met her to continue their chat. 

He agreed to be with her on one condition. If only she brings out the video. But Mercy was so smart that,she wasn’t pushed by that convince.

Mercy:hey handsome,am making the demands not you. You can’t just say you have agreed to be with me.
Before I give out the videos,you need to have sex with me. Secondly, make it known to the church we are getting marry. And last but not the least, give me a big wedding.
Ryan: what are you talking about Mercy,are you getting crazy?
Mercy: hahahahaha  Ryan I mean it. She left the place and warned him she is only giving him one month to do that. Ryan tried to stop her but she didn’t even turned back.

Back in UK, Adriana had received a text from Britney saying “do you think you succeeded in what you did? Oh no girl, don’t forget I have you on my finger tips. I will make sure Ryan know all about your secrets.

What is really going on in this relationship? Mercy here,Britney there. Adriana was afraid of this threat. Because she also had secrets in UK.

3weeks had past and Mercy didn’t see any sign from Ryan. She then sent him a text and this time it was really serious. She even sent her the videos as well. Ryan said to himself he wouldn’t let this break her relationship. He called Adriana to tell her what was going so she doesn’t have to be angry should in case she hears it.

Adriana also couldn’t tell him about her recent threats from Britney. Ryan took a decision which was to bring both parents together and put the case to them. But that seemed a bad idea for Roland.

Ryan then told him,that is the only option we can do to save our selves. He finally accepted it and called Miriam to tell her. She also didn’t liked the idea. Things were getting late for them.

Ryan started receiving strange messages from a foreign number each and everyday. Initially when it started coming she thought it was Adriana because it was a UK code. He called to verify but it wasn’t her.

So who could that also be? Because Britney doesn’t have Ryan’s number. The message kept coming each and everyday. When he called too,it wasn’t going through. And he made Adriana known about it. For Adriana, she strongly believed it was Britney.

Another text came and it was written

To be continued…



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