Ryan made it known to his parents. They called him to ask him and he said yes. His dad told him why should he hide his relationship from anyone since he wasn’t  a child.

Mr.Ayensu: Roland why should you hide your relationship from us? I don’t see anything wrong for you to be dating. Because you are matured enough to take your own decisions.
Rol: sorry dad I was acting childish.
Dad: am ok with whatever you do. But let her parents know about it
Rol: OK dad. Thank you

Now that dad and mum knows about it, I want you to invite her out then you can go and see her parents said Ryan.

Roland called Miriam to take her out. It sounded good for Miriam since she wouldn’t be busy that evening.

They later met in the evening at their usual place. They had a lot of conversation. Roland finally told her everything.
Rol: Miriam I think we should let your parents know about us because we thought this relationship was a secret between us but Mercy knows about it and she threatened me with it.
Miriam: what,how did she know about it? Well I didn’t want my parents to know about this now but if you say so,we will let them know.
Rol: my parents already knows about it so we should let your parents also know about it.

Why did they wanted to keep the relationship secret? We will find out soon.

Ryan had planned to give Adriana a surprise visit in UK. He went for his visa since he wasn’t new travelling outside Ghana.
He told his parents and Roland about it and they all liked the idea.

The day came as he planned to go. Roland took him to the airport.
The next morning he was at the Heathrow airport.

He took a taxi straight to Adriana’s house because he had her address which Adriana her self gave to him.

He got to the house around 11am and located her place. Unfortunately for him when he clinged on the door bell,there wasn’t any respond.

So he went to wait for her at a restaurant near Adriana’s place. In no time, she saw her coming to enter the house with her friends. Ryan said to himself, wow is going to be fun when she sees me.

Back in Adriana’s apartment. She was cooking with her friends and having conversations there.
Suddenly,the bell ranged and she quickly went to check the person.
Ad: hello who’s it please?
Ryan: is me Kwame.
Ad: ok come upstairs

Ryan was actually Kwame and Adriana also had a friend called kwame. So when he said Kwame,she thought it was her friend.
When Ryan got upstairs and knocked on her door,she came to open the door.

To be continued…



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