Episode 8

She just called to inform him he will drop her home after their date because she will be coming with a taxi since she doesn’t know the place. Ryan replied no problem at at all.
Ryan was looking stunning as well as Adriana that day. He wore a coffee long sleeves striped shirt with his brown khaki and a coffee loffer shoes. And Adriana was also in a blue shinning dress which
really showed her real form.

Ryan got to the place on time and had his seat waiting for her to come. He ordered for water.
After a while Adriana got there. She located where he was sitting and went there. Ryan was speechless and didn’t know what to say because Adriana was looking extremely beautiful that night. He stood up and helped her to sit and welcomed her.
When she sat down,she told Ryan he was looking good and had a nice smell on him.
He also smiled and said thank you and you also look beautiful. But I never knew you have this beautiful. Before he could finish his statement a waiter attended to them.

Good evening lady and gentleman. They also responded nicely to him.
Waiter: please this is our menu you can have a look and make your orders. Ryan placed his in front of him and said whatever she eats,I eat and whatever she drinks,I drink.
Then Adriana ordered for rice and chicken with beef sauce and salad as well and also a bottle of non alcoholic champagne for both of them. They had a chats whiles waiting for their order. In a short time,they were served with their foods.
After they finished eating and having some drinks, Ryan asked her to tell him more about him.

Adriana: hmmm am Adriana Nana Akua Willington. The only daughter of my parents. I have lived in the UK almost all my life because I was  born there. Am a final year students in the Cambridge university studying philosophy. Am single and about to meet the man of my life.
Ryan:wow very interesting
Ad:your turn now sir.
Why do you keep calling me sir? Ryan asked.
Nothing just feel like calling you that said Adriana.

Ryan:well am Ryan Ayensu. The first son of my parents. Studied and did my masters degree in the United States. Currently,am the general manager of the Ayensu group of companies. Am also single and about to find the love of my life.

Ad: wow very successful indeed no wonder mum said it.
Ryan: what? Mum said what

To be continued



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