Episode 7
After some of hours of playing,it came to an end. They all had a chat with some other friends of R2 who came to play. They introduced her to them as their friend.
On their way to their cars,Adriana intentionally fell down to draw Ryan’s attention to her because he was talking to a lady friend so she was a little bit jealous.

Ryan quickly attended to her and helped her up. He asked her what happened to her? She replied she had twisted her leg. So she was limping. Ryan asked her if she was okay. She said yes but she was still limping.
Ryan asked her if they could take her home but she insisted she was okay.

She walked for 4,5 steps then she stopped and said am in pains Ryan. He carried her in his arms and took her away. That was what Adriana was waiting for. She quickly placed her head on Ryan’s chest and crossed her hands around his neck. Wow what a gentleman said Adriana in her mind.

When they got to the car park,Ryan insisted to take her home so Roland could bring her car. But she said no. She was OK she can drive. So Ryan took her inside her car and asked her if they could cancel their date because of her situation. But she replied saying NO I will be okay don’t worry is just a slight injury.
Ryan: okay if you say so. I will be expecting you this evening
Ad: okay sir. With smiles on her face.
Roland: you people should remember me ooooo.πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Roland was talking as if the two of them were already dating.

Ryan told Adriana to ignore his jokes. They all went home after their conversation.
Preparation started home in both houses.
Adriana was looking into her wardrobe for a nice dress whiles Ryan was also doing same with his brother.
After a long search Adriana didn’t know what to wear so she called her friend in Uk on Skype to choose for her. And finally they got what was good for her.
Roland and Ryan also finished their searching. So Roland took his brother’s shirt and trouser to iron for him. Roland was helping his brother throughout.

10mins before Ryan was to leave the house,he had a call from Adriana. And in fact he was a little bit frightened when he saw it was Adriana.

What could have happened to her,or she wants to cancel the appointment?

Well we will find out in the next episode

To be continued.



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