Episode 4

It was early Thursday morning and Roland was preparing to go to school. His phone was ringing and he quickly went to check the person. It was Adriana.
Adriana: hello Roland.
Roland: hello.
Ad: how are u and how was your night?
Rol: very nice thank you. And you?
Ad:very good. How is your brother too?
Rol:he is also good. Am running late for school so can we talk later?
Ad: yea sure. But please extend my greetings to your brother for me.
Rol: kk he will hear bye.

He went to his brothers room to deliver the message.
Roland:hey Ryan whats up?
Ryan: cool. U?
Rol:good. Adriana extends her greetings to you.
Ryan:where did you see her?
Rol:she just called me
Ryan:what,and where did you get her number from?
Rol:bro later.
Ryan: kk 

Ryan was a little bit confused about how his brother got her number.
Well he said later so let me wait for him.

Adriana was preparing that same week to go back to school. As she was parking her things Roland called to check on her.
Hey Adriana am on break and just calling to check on you.
Adriana: oh that’s so nice of of you. You are so caring. Thank you. But Roland can you do me a favour?
Rol:yes anything. Mention it
Ad:can you please get me your brothers number to call him?
Rol: why not,I was expecting you to ask yesterday. I will send it to you right away.
He hanged up and sent it to her.

She waited for hours and then decided to call the number.
Receiver: hello who is this please?
Ad:please am sorry is a wrong line.
Receiver: ok .

She said sorry because a lady picked the call. She quickly called Roland to tell her.
Ad:Roland you gave me a wrong number
Rol:no that’s my brothers number. Why did a lady picked the call?
Rol:oh that’s his PA. Sorry I should have told you. My brother is the General manager of Ayensu groups of companies. He manages all my dads companies. My brother is a big boy ooo. He 😄😄😄😄😄.
Ad:oh nice then will call him again. Thank you.
But she changed her mind not to call again.

After all day long,Ryan came home. As soon as Roland saw him,he followed him to his room.
Bro did she called you?
Who called me? Said Ryan
Ah didn’t Adriana called you today?
Me? Then is a mistake. She doesn’t even have my number. And I don’t have any business with her.
Bro she collected your number from me. I think she is in love with you.
Herrr stop that your things ooo. She is in love with who? He said it with a smile on his face.

Roland suggested he should call her rather. So he drooped her number down and Ryan said let me finish my bath and call her.
OK bro.

To be continued in some few hours.



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