​Real bloggers don’t beg for fame -Pemtsikata 

The CEO of one of the fastest growing multimedia companies owned by one young and energetic man, Pemtsikata confirmed the article to his secretary later this afternoon about how he feels when his colleagues beg “upcoming stars” to share their articles to get more traffic. 

According to him, “we don’t just work for fame nor money but you have to love what you do, I feel pity for those who do this things.  This young guys are struggling to get fame but one thing they’ve forgotten is, every race has a beginning and every stage has it’s own responsibilities and challenges”. 

The most boring thing is to buy without paying and still request for change.  

Yayra, I  just want to free my mind, don’t care if am on air, let the truth come out.

Lest I forget I will be having my silence period soon.  -In a live interview view with MzYayra.


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