Volta chiefs give government 2-week ultimatum to construct roads


Paramount and Divisional Chiefs in Kpenoe, Takla and Hodzo communities in the Ho Municipality of the Volta region have given government a two-week ultimatum to commence construction works on their access roads.

According to the Chiefs, government’s failure to commence works on their roads would compel them to block the roads to vehicular traffic and declare a ‘three month of communal labor’ to fix the roads themselves with the help of manual tools.

Speaking at a press conference at Kpenoe on Tuesday, the Paramount Chief of Kpenoe traditional area, Togbe Kotoku XI explained that roads linking the three communities to the Volta regional capital, Ho is the worst road network in the Municipality.

Togbe Kotoku XI further indicated that they feel very neglected by the NDC government especially at the time when Ho township roads are being asphalted.

“We have made several attempts to bring governments attention to our plight. Our youth organized demonstrations and sent petitions to no avail.Tension is gradually mounting among our youth over the seemingly neglect of our roads whilst some other roads in the municipality are being fixed with enthusiasm ahead of the December polls.

“We are therefore praying that some work starts on our roads in two weeks, if not, we will block the roads and declare three months of communal labor to fix our roads”, he added.

Togbe Kotoku XI emphasized that “during this period, we will ban any political activity in the traditional areas to ensure that our people remain focused and committed to the work on the roads. Should any political party take the risk and come here, we can’t guarantee their safety.”

Although a bulldozer was seen clearing shoulders of the roads, the Chiefs believe it is one of government’s gimmicks for political gains.

“We have seen a rickety bulldozer on the roads about three days ago but since nobody has come to introduce the contractor to us, we are sure they are not in for real business, perhaps the government only wants to use this as a camouflage to get votes from us”, one stressed.

But Joy News has learned that construction of the roads has been awarded to Velum Construction Limited by the Feeder Roads.






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