​My Exploit in the North after Service -Episode 13

I felt some volts of electricity pass through me and suddenly I had butterflies in my stomach…

‘Please wait for me here’, she said as she disappeared into the girls’ toilet. A couple of seconds later she threw the door open and grabbed my hand. Before I knew what was happening, I realized that I was being dragged into the ladies and thrown up against a wall.

She pushed her body onto mine and kissed me. I kissed her back and put my arms around her lower back, pushing her into me even more while our tongues where entwined into each other.

Her hands were in my hair as we embraced passionately. My hands moved down and squeezed her a$s and she responded to the movement with a stifled moan in my mouth.

We broke off for a moment as she backed into a cubicle dragging me along by my trouser. She backed herself onto the wall and I placed my hands on it either side of her head.

We started kissing again as her hands moved down reaching down to my trousers until she could feel mamba.

It was already on high alert then

As she started caressing it I started to moan with pleasure. I realized just how turned on I was and how hard mamba had become.

She started to unzip my flap and reached inside. The feeling of her smooth hands on mamba was exhilarating. She was groping around and I could see in her eyes just how turned on she was getting. Her eyes were wild from the thrill of it all.

In one fluid movement she freed mamba from my trousers and shifted her body down against the wall. She held mamba in her hand and then lent forward taking it in her mouth.

I gasped as her lips passed over the head, with her tongue danced around sending shivers of ecstasy up my spine. She moaned heavily with mamba in her mouth, sending vibrations reverberating through me and her wet tongue expertly sliding around mamba.

I was in heaven.

She moaned a few more times going down on me before she took me out of her mouth and slowly made her way back up to mine. We kissed again with mamba pressing against her.

‘Take my pants off’, she ordered breathlessly. We continued kissing as I slid my hands over her b—–s and down her sides, over her hips and under her skirt. I raised her skirt up and felt her a$s and realized she was putting on a g-string.

I found the top of her g-strings and started to pull them down slowly. I moved my kissing onto her neck as I moved my body down hers and my hands down her legs.

When I got to the bottom of her legs my head was at her lap and her hands were in my hair. I wanted to go down on her so badly. I wanted my tongue to bring her to the brink of o—-m with her hands pushing my head into her.

I could imagine how wet she was and how good it would feel for her if my head was between her legs.

But as soon as I had taken the g-strings off her, she pulled me back up by my head. As I rose up to meet her lips again I traced my hand up the inside of her legs, stroking her inner thigh lightly, and as soon as my mouth met hers, my fingers brushed against her p*ussy.

As soon as it happened she gasped loudly and her entire body shook in my arms. I pressed ever so slightly harder, and realized she was saturated.

I began circling my fingers, trying to find her c–t. She tightened her grip around me and started to moan quietly in my ear, I could feel her entire body tighten and loosen.

She found my mamba with her hand again and started playing with it, this seemed to turn her on even more and her moans got louder, seemingly lost in herself.

‘I need you inside me!’, she half-screamed. She unbuckled my belt, opened my trousers and pulled them down before pushing me onto the toilet seat.

I was wondering about whether I was go through with it ‘cos I was without condoms when she put her hands into her bra and brought out a condom.

Huh!!! Where the hell did that come from???

Before I knew what was happening, she wore the condom on my mamba, s——-d me and kissed me hard before lowering herself onto me.

The feeling was incredible. I gasped as I entered her tight warm wetness. She moved slowly onto me as I penetrated her inch by inch.

When she had stopped, she let out a moan of pleasure, ‘Oh GOD that feels so fuuucccking good!’

She started to move up and down on me, each t—-t feeling better and better. My hands moved onto her boobs and then up her neck and into her hair. I pulled her lips to mine and kissed her while she rode me.

We moaned into each others mouths and her pace started to quicken. Before long I could feel her body tighten on top of me.

She threw her head back as her muscles started to contract around my mamba. ‘Ooohhh yeeeesssss’, she screamed as the waves of her o—-m rushed through her.

I was very close, I could feel myself stiffen as well. Her moans had pushed me over the edge and I came, my body jerking as I held her tight, I could feel myself throb inside her for the longest time.

We eventually came to our senses, looked at each other then shared a kiss. We composed ourselves for a few minutes and got dressed, then we kept kissing before venturing back outside.

Sandra had a smile on her face as she stepped out. ‘You are dripping wet with sweat’, she said running a finger over my forehead as she turned the knob on the door marked ‘Ladies.’

I wiped my face as I stepped back in to dispose of my rubber, then I washed my hands and walked back to the table where we sat.

Sandra was all business-like as she came out to join us. I looked at her but her face was a blank. No expression. Nothing.

She whispered something into Rejoice’s ear and they said they had to leave. I collected a friend’s car keys to drop them and during the drive to their lodge she didn’t still say anything. Only Rejoice was talking with me.

Before I slept that night, I got a text on my phone. It was from Sandra.

‘Thanks darling for a lovely day. It was fun. Hope to get more of you… XOXO.’

Hmmm, trust me I’m justing getting started…

That weekend was wonderful. I woke up the next Monday morning refreshed and energized.

I went to work and had a class that day. It Zainab’s class. During lectures, I noticed she was not concentrating. She was busy gisting with her friends, something she never did before. Can you imagine???. This is what happen most times when you have a student – ‘lecturer’ relationship.

In the past, I had never had anything to do with female students I taught. I no even come know wetin dey wori me now…

After the class I told her I wanted to see her…

Me: What wrong with you?

Zee: What do you mean?

Me: I’ve been calling your phone and sending you messages, but you’ve not been responding…

Zee: Ohhh… So sowie, I’ve been busy…

Me: Huh  Really you’ve been busy???

Zee: Who were those girls you were with that day?

Me: Ohhh, so that’s what this is all about, right?

Zee: You’ve not answered me…

Me: Forming anger So if you see me with girls, that means I have something to do with them?

Zee: You know what, I have a class now, I’ll talk to you later…

Me:  Seriously???

She walked off leaving me alone in the lab.

That evening, I was still in the school premises walking to join the school shuttle when a car that had passed by me reversed, stopped and honked.

It was my Schedule Officer.

Malama Aisha (MA): Dioxidane, how are you?

Me: Lafia lau walahi… Yaya aiki?

MA: Laughs Lafia kalau… Yaya jindadin?

Me: 😮 Smiles Ha, me I don’t know that one o…

MA: Laughs It means how’s enjoyment…

Me: Ohh… Walahi ba jindadin…

MA: Laughs Where are you headed?

Me: I was going to join the shuttle to take me to town…

MA: Come in, I’ll drop you. I just wanted to drop something at the bursary…

Me: Oh, thank you ma…

And I hopped in…

On our way back to town, we were talking about various things when she asked me how I was enjoying my service year. I told her it was boring…

MA: Haba mana, why would it be boring?

Me: It’s the town na. There are no cinemas, no clubs, few bars…

MA: Laughs And your girl friends?

Me: She’s not in town…

MA: So you don’t have any girlfriend in Katsina?

Me: Uhhmm, not really…

MA: Why not really?

  • Me: We are just friends…

MA: Ohh, I see…

Me: So how about Alhaji?

MA: Oh, he is very fine…

Me: Hmm, that’s good. So we would still meet tomorrow?

MA: Yeah… Let me have your number so that I would call you to tell you when you would come…

Me: Ok ma…

Before she got to my place, I dialed her number from my phone and it rang on her phone…

Dedicated to all Ghost Mode Readers…
Watch out for the next Episode



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