Teachers in the Assin South District have raised eyebrow on alleged ban on organisation of wedding and funerals in the school term although weddings are organised on weekends. The aggrieves teachers leveled about ten allegation against the director Mrs Nelly Sally Coleman. According to the teachers, most of the directives were given during her familiarization visit to the circuits whiles others are just unfolding. The allegations include:

1) That, no wedding and funeral should be organised by any teacher during school terms.

2) Dismissal of teachers’ application for upgrading unto the ranks of SENIOR and PRINCIPAL SUPRINTENDENT respectively. What makes her action dangerous is the refusal to process the application of untrained teachers who have successfully completed their professional programmes at UCC, UEW and other accredited tertiary institutions unto the rank of for professional status SENIOR SUPRINTENDENT.

Her reason for refusing to upgrade most teachers is that, the teachers should put their certificate down until 5-7 years before they are upgraded. 

3) Unwarranted delay in signing some documents that have been submitted to the directorate. Some of the documents have been at the directorate as far back as March, 2016. Most of them have to do with teachers’ salaries.

4) Refusing to grant 3 months MATERNITY LEAVE to female teachers. She is instead, granting only 6 weeks leave to teachers.

5) Refusing to grant 3 months TERMINAL LEAVE to all GES personnel who are due for retirement.

6) She has written an official letter to all basic school teachers to pay 50cedis for workshop on capitation grant preparation which comes off on 23rd and 24th June, 2016.

7) On her familiarization tour, all schools were charged 30 and 20cedis respectively.

8) That all headteachers should use their capitation grant to mould or construct signboard/signpost instead of using their grants for the provision of more pressing academic materials.

9) Headteachers and teachers who visit the directorate will have to spend several hours before they are attended to. 

10) She has so far, demonstrated gross disrespect to all teachers in the district.

In the light of the above, the leadership of GES should call the district director to order immediately since her actions and inactions remains a hindrance to quality education in the district. 



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