Newly trained teachers are being asked to check their postings on the net using the website
This is how it works, you pay ghc 5.00 with your mobile money and you are given a pin and a serial number. Which means to know the region which you are being posted to you are charged Ghc 5.00.
There are about 16,432 teachers completing from the 38 colleges of education. 
5×16,432= 82,160.00
Meaning supposing  all of them should check which they will have to because they must print their appointment letters from the same site from 21st September ,  government is going to accrue *ghc 82,160.00* from newly trained teachers just for them to know  the region which they belong to. In some cases some don’t get the pin on first attempt so this amount may even be higher. 
How can government claim to be so caring about teachers and at the same time be doing all these things?
What crime have they committed? 
What are the teacher unions doing about these exploitations?



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