My Exploit in the North after Service -Episode 6

As she did that her friends gathered around and began watching us and giggling.Chisos!!  I tapped her and pointed. ‘People are watching!!!’ She looked up at me, smiled and continued sucking. Since she didn’t seem to mind, I began to enjoy what she was doing. But after several minutes, as I raised up my head, I saw her mother walking towards us with a dagger…
With that shock, I sat up! I saw all the images before me gradually disappearing. I looked at myself and realized I was sweating and was back in my room. D–n! I’ve been dreaming.
I also saw Chisom kneeling before me holding my mamba. Obviously she had been sucking it. She realized I was tensed up and asked what the matter was. I told her it was nothing and got up to the bathroom.
I stood in the shower for some minutes allowing water drip down my skin. I was now relaxed and so was my mamba. I was thinking about my dream and wished it was real. Some minutes later, the door of the bathroom door was opened and Chisom walked in. She had taken off her knickers and was putting on only her singlet which barely covered her a-s.
I was facing the wall and backing her. She held me and pressed her boobs against my back. ohhhh My thoughts came back to her and I gently squeezed her a-s. She gasped at the touch. I turned around, kissing her deeply and passionately, pressing myself on her. The feel of my skin against hers sent electric shocks through her, and she wanted it all.
She got on her knees, wrapping her fingers around my mamba, putting into her mouth and sucking desperately on it. A groan escaped my lips as my fingers entwined in her wet hair. The shower was still running as she bobbed up and down my mamba for a few minutes, trying to take me in and out of her throat. She then stood, took off her top and pulled me out of the shower into the room.
X Chai, this babe bad too
She dragged me into the room and laid down on the rug, opening her legs, wanting me in her. I smiled at her, and got on the rug with her.
But instead of getting in her like she wanted, I took my time, licking her lips and sliding my tongue in her. I guess I hit the spot ‘cos she squealed loudly, pinching one of her n—–s while she laid her other hand on my head. She was squirming all around. I was unrelenting. I swirled my tongue in her, bobbing my head on her then blushed my tongue back and forth on her c–t. She was moaning and screaming ‘chiiiiiineke! mummy! mummyoooooo!! Ekweremaduoooooo’
o babe calm down na :o.
After some minutes she began wiggling and jerking as her juice were flowing down her a-s.
I pulled my tongue out of her and rolled her over. She groaned and raised her a-s, waiting for my throbbing engorged mamba. I quickly took my condom under my bed and wore it. She screamed when I t—-t my mamba in her. Her ‘cunnies’ felt so tight in my mamba. I went gradually and slowly gained momentum, taking total control of her. She was moaning seriously as I continuously slammed my hips into her, taking her hard, slamming my mamba into her.
After several minutes she started quivering and screaming as wave after wave of o—-m overtook her. Chai, this babe na screamer. Her body had not yet stopped shaking when I reached my point of no return. Spurt after spurt of cum bust through me. My knees almost buckled as the o—-m weakened my body, and we both lay on the rug.
After washing off in the bathroom, we both lay on the bed. ‘You’re one hell of a super, are all Calabar boyz like you?, she asked looking into my eyes.’ Smiles ‘I’ve heard so much about Calabar boyz, but this is my first experience. I love you so much dioxidane’. ‘Ohh babbyy, same here’, I replied. We lay spooning for several minutes. I was fondling and teasing her boobs while she was toying with my mamba. Before long, my mamba was called to action once again and we straffed twice before we slept.
That week I went for CDS meeting and among the agenda for discussion that day was the welcoming of new corp members into the CDS group. ’Omo see fine chicks for my CDS o.’ I decided to act cool initially, ‘make dem no go talk say I too dey forward’.
I noticed one of the chicks in particular. I later found out her name was Anthonia. She was slim, light in complexion and heavily busted. Till date I still wonder the kind of inter-molecular force that attracts me to heavily busted ladies.
I wore my transparent shade that enabled me look at people without them knowing I was looking at them. I was concentrating my gaze on Anthonia and I caught her stealing glances at me. In my mind, ‘na me and you today’.
There was an issue in which some articles in a magazine to be distributed to students were filled with grammatical errors (I wonder who typed and edited it). The President of the group needed two persons to edit the articles. I saw her raise her hand, and I quickly raised my hand so that I would be paired with her. I was not fast enough, another guy raised his hand before I did. Sharp guy, The President was about pairing the guy with Anthonia when I told him I was a writer Omo see me dey form writer o, and he decided that since I was already in that field, I should do the work.
After the CDS meeting, I met Anthonia and told her we should start editing the articles immediately. She said she going to make her hair, that we would meet later in the evening. I said, ‘no problem’. We exchanged contacts and she said we would meet later in the evening.
I was browsing on my phone around 5pm that same day when she called.
Me: Hello…
She: Dioxidane, it’s me Anthonia…
Me: I know… How’s your day going?
She: Fine… Where are you now?
Me: I’m in my house…
She: Where do you stay?
Me: Around Kofar Kaura layout…
She: Can I come over so that we would edit the articles today?
Me: Is it not late? Can’t it wait till tomorrow?
She: We are supposed to send it to the printer very early tomorrow. Or are you planning on going out?
Me: Naa, not really…
She: Can I come over now?
Me: Ok, no probs…
And then I gave her the exact description of my house…
In about 10mins she called and told me that she was at the front of my gate. I so loved that compound! We were only 3 tenants – a man and his family who came during the weekends and a banker who was rarely at home – so the compound was kinda quiet and secluded (my kind of place). No one goes in or out without my notice or permission.
So I put on a polo top and a combat short and I went to the gate to usher her in. She was putting on just a black mini skirt, a red sleeveless top and very light make up.
You know that weird look the NYSC attire give some persons, especially ladies? Well, she wasn’t having that look that evening. I was like ‘Wow!:o You are looking so different from what I saw in the morning and your hair looks lovely.’ ‘Hmm, thanks’, she replied.
When she got to my room, she was like ‘OMG, you living large o, and you are forming corper’. ‘Ah an, am I not a corper? Abeg manage my bed, I don’t have chairs o’. She said, ‘You are flexing jor… I wonder how many babes you would have sampled here.’ I was like, ‘huh!!!:o Sample ke??? In fact you are the first babe to come here o…’ ‘Story for the gods… Abeg bring the magazine let’s do what I came here for jare’.
Before I brought the magazine, I brought bananas from my fridge and offered it to her. When I brought the magazine, I noticed she was still stealing glances at me just like she did that morning. I pretended not to notice, but in my mind that thing wey you dey find you go collect today. And so we began working on the articles.
When we were almost done, she asked if I studied English and I told her no. I told her I studied Chemistry but I just had the flair for reading and writing and she said it was cool.
We completed editing the articles and we continued gisting. I asked her where she came from and she told me she was from Benue but her mum was from Kaduna. She asked where I came from and I told her I was from Akwa-Ibom. ‘Hmmm, calabar boy’, she exclaimed.

Guess what!!! Watch out for episode 7. 

Read Episode 7 Here



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