​Obinim taken to BNI, one fan arrested.

A female fan of beleaguered Bishop Daniel Obinim has been arrested by police for obstructing the transfer of the founder of the International God’s Way Church to the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service on Wednesday, 24 August.
Meanwhile, Bishop Obinim has been transferred to the BNI.
Over 300 church members and supporters of Bishop Obinim, on Wednesday August 24, blocked the road at the Nima Police Station to prevent the police from transporting their Bishop to the Police Headquarters where he is being investigated for allegedly defrauding a man to the tune of GHS11.6 million.
Bishop Obinim was arrested on Tuesday by the CID of the Ghana Police Service for defrauding by false pretences.
He spent Tuesday night in cells and has been going through bail procedure on Wednesday at the Nima Police Station where he was transferred.
Hundreds of his church members and fans, including the lady who was arrested, massed up at the station to demand his release.
After some frantic effort, the police were able to whisk the controversial man of God away to the police headquarters but the supporters have vowed to besiege the CID headquarters to demand that the bishop be released.
Meanwhile, Bishop Obinim has denied knowledge of the alleged GHS11.6 million gold fraud levelled against him by a complainant.



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