What the NPP manifesto will look like


Nana Akufo-Addo

Ghana’s biggest opposition party, the NPP will in September launch its manifesto for the December polls. The manifesto is expected to guide the party on its development agenda if it wins power after the polls.

A few ideas on how the NPP intends to run this country has been made public by its Presidential Candidate, Nana Akufo Addo and his Running Mate Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia.

The document dwells much on how the NPP intends to transform the Ghanaian economy. The NPP intends to cut down the number of taxes in the country including taxes of raw material importation.

The party also intends to cut down on interest rate charges at the banks and reduce corporate taxes for businesses as well as the removal of taxes on solar panel importation, VAT on financial services as well as importation of raw materials.
The party is promising to be the most friendly business government with the right climate to do business.The NPP says it will go ahead and set up the Northern Development Fund which will accelerate development of the three Regions of the North.
The party also says it will setup the Zongo Development Fund that will accelerate the development of Zongo Communities in the country. 
The flagship programme in the NPP’s manifesto for industrialization is its “1 district 1 Factory Policy”. Already the party says it has identified over 300 projects across the country that will feed into the policy.

The manifesto gives an example of how it intends to use the husk of cocoa to produce soap. It also speaks about how the peel of plantain will be used for soap also.

The manifesto gives details of how the NPP will solve unemployment in the country. The party says over 60 percent of persons who complete tertiary education go jobless and 70 percent of persons with no education at all remain unemployed.

The party believes the “1 district 1 Factory Policy” will help address the situation greatly. It also says it will help curb the rural-urban migration which has become a major headache in the country.
The NPP manifesto is also promising incentives for cooperate organizations who employ fresh graduates with no working experience.
The NPP’s flagship policy of “Free SHS” which was spearheaded in the 2012 election is found in the party’s manifesto for the December 2016 polls.

The party intends to roll out fully this policy months after winning the polls. It will also build new classroom blocks from primary to secondary schools across the country.  The party has announced plans to restore allowances paid to Arabic teachers in Arabic schools or ‘’Makaranda’’.
The NPP wants to maintain the current three year SHS policy currently been run by this government.
The party wants to give incentives to teachers such as car allowances, study leaves with pay and many more.
The party has also made a bold step to restore teacher trainee allowance which was scrapped by the NDC administration.


The NPP says first budget statement to the country will announce the restoration of the allowance.

The NPP has also pledged to continue with the conversion of the Polytechnics into Technical Universities but will make it better.

The NPP says it will revamp the National Health Insurance Scheme to meet the current demand.

The party is pledging to upgrade certain hospitals in the country as well as build new ones. 

The party is promising to restore the nursing trainee allowances. 



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