In The Mind Of Ladies -Episode 5(Final Episode)

Taylor became very annoyed, he deleted Chuy’s number immediately, and immediately Chuy came back from where she went to ease herself, she met Taylor with a very sad face, she was surprised and she asked him what happened, Taylor dialed the number in her presence and showed her the name she used to save his number, Taylor brought out the  engagement ring and a car key, he showed it to Chuy and told her that he wanted to propose to her and give her a car but she have disappointed him, Taylor took his belongings and left Chuy in the Plaza.

This was how Chuy Lost her Chance of entering Into Success just because she thought all men are the same and all they want is sex. she cried her eyes out but crying cannot save her, Taylor is gone and Gone for Good.


NOTE: Every person you will ever meet in life knows something you don’t know, so always be willing to learn from others especially strangers & new friends!

MORAL LESSON: This drama may not happen the same way to you, but try to value everybody in your life, never you neglect someone because you dont know where your help will come from.



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