​Fake doctor grabbed

A 32-year-old man who has been parading himself as a medical doctor and has allegedly been robbing unsuspecting persons, mostly women of huge sums of money, is in the grip of police.
The suspect, Derrick Frimpong, is believed to be a native of Agona Nyarkrom in the Central Region, if According to a 30-year-old lady , Secretary based in Sekondi-Takoradi, the suspect recently called her and introduced himself as Dr Ben Kwarteng, a medical doctor based in Koforidua in the Eastern Region.
According to the lady (name withheld), the culprit claimed he had her contact from a WhatsApp group, of which she the lady is a member.
He claimed he used to be a mem­ber of that group, but later exited.
The lady who was speaking on Sky Power  FM in Takoradi indicated that the fake doctor then proposed to marry her and she agreed.
Derrick Frimpong later invited the lady to Swedru in the Central Region, where he claimed he had come to perform a special surgery.
The lady mentioned that she pre­pared a very sumptuous meal and went to meet the ’newly found love on Saturday, July 16, 2016.
“When I arrived at the Swedru Government Hospital, I started showing die picture of the culprit on my phone to some people around if they knew him.
“Not knowing the culprit who was hanging around had already seen me so he approached me and introduced himself. He took me to a hotel in town,” the lady revealed.
According to the lady, she could not sleep that night because her sus­picion was heightened from the con­versations and interactions that went between them.
The culprit went to see the lady off the next day, Sunday, July, 17, 2016 and managed to steal her phone from her bag.
The suspect then managed to con­vince the lady’s network providers to get the lady’s mobile money pass­word to cash about Ȼ1000 on her wallet after telling them the lady was her wife, adding that she was seri­ously sick and could not speak so they needed money badly to buy some drugs.
The lady added that she later planned with his two brothers to arrest the culprit so she pretended she had not taken notice of the with­drawal of the money.
The victim then managed to lure the alleged doctor to Takoradi for a special shopping and ‘love making’.
“So he came to Takoradi and was arrested by myself with assistance from my two brothers as soon as he arrived on Friday, July, 22, 2016 around 9:00pm.”
The fake doctor has since been handed over to the police,” the victim pointed out.



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