In The Mind Of Ladies -Episode 4

One Saturday evening, Taylor invited Chuy for a dinner at Prince’s Plaza, Chuy dressed up that evening and went, when she got there, she ordered for costly things not knowing that Taylor can never run out of money. Taylor came with an engagement Ring that very day to propose to Chuy.

Chuy never knew that Taylor was serious about her, she love Taylor but she was waiting for Taylor to say that he will marry her, Chuy determined in her heart that any day Taylor opens his mouth to say…”I will Marry You Chuy”, she determined to save his number “with My Love” and also change her altitude.

Still in the Plaza, Chuy went out to ease herself, she stayed too long and Taylor became worried and decided to call her on phone, he dialed her number and was calling her on phone, it happens that Chuy didn’t go out with her phone, the phone was there with Taylor, so Taylor picked up the phone and what he saw on the phone was very Annoying.

He saw his name appearing as..”Fast Mugu”, He did not believe it so he dialed the number again, the same name appeared.

The question of the day. If you were Taylor what will you do? Comment now as your suggestions could change the line of the story. 

Click here to read final episode



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