In The Mind Of Ladies -Episode 3

One fateful morning, Chuy called Taylor that she needed Twenty Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢ 20,000) for an important something, she lowered her voice and twisted it so that Taylor will pity her and give her the money. Without hesitation Taylor use his phone mobile money App and transferred Twenty Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢ 20,000)  to Chuy. She was surprised and couldn’t believe it. This made Chuy to go and change the name which she used to store Taylor’s number, she changed it to “Fast Mugu”. she told her friend vicky about the money, she gave her Five hundred Ghana CEDI’s (GH¢ 500) from the money and both of them were very Happy.

After one month of their relationship, Taylor invited Chuy to his house, he treated her like a queen, gave her cold drink and chicken lap, she ate and enjoyed herself, he started playing with her and from there, both of them ended up having sex with each other, Taylor confessed to Chuy that she is so sweet and very active on bed, Chuy smiled but in her mind she was saying…”This is another way of eating your money to the fullest” Taylor gave her money and she left.

The Question is, is it advisable to give money to your girlfriend another making love “Sex” with her? Drop your comments as your suggestions could change what happen in the next episode.
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