Jamaica’s 2011 Miss Universe beauty queen passed away last Wednesday in Florida, USA from the sickle cell disease she had been suffering since birth. She was 30.Martin died from “blood clots on both lungs,” according to a Sun-Sentinel report. The blood clots were a result of “complications” from sickle cell anaemia.
In an emotional Facebook post from her mother Andrea Hall hours ago, Jamaicans were urged not to take the hereditary blood disease lightly – as leading up to her death, Shakira was an active advocate for sickle cell awareness in Jamaica and sections of the United States.
“As I sit here with my daughter Shakira Aminah on life support saying goodbye with family and friends. Sickle cell is no joke, please [be] aware, learn about it. Support someone. God bless you Shakira Martin, I love you eternally,” Hall wrote.
According to Martin’s mother Andrea Hall, the beauty queen encouraged others who suffered from the disease to get out of their homes and enjoy the sunshine.Her mother, Andrea Hall, said that Martin lived by these words: “If you live a dead life, what was the purpose of being alive. 



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