​‘World-savvy’ leadership needed to fix Ghana – Kufuor.

Ghana’s former President , John Agyekum Kufuor has said that Ghana needs strong visionary  leaders who possess an understanding of modern world trends in order turn the country’s dwindling economic fortunes around. According to ex-President Kufuor, despite a period of relative stability which made the country a destination for investors, poor management of the economy has resulted in its current state. “Our country is in crisis now. 
We seem to be losing our way. We started off with so much promise but within a short time, we started faltering economically,” he said. “When we talk leadership, we need leadership that understands the world. We don’t want saints to be our leaders, everything should be on balance.” There have been several accusations levelled against the government for  taking a more lenient stance in instances of misdemeanors by state officials. 
Kufuor, who was speaking at Prempeh Colleges’ Pearson Osae Lectures in Accra, called for a tougher approach in dealing with officials of government who have falling foul of the law. “We are also governed by a constitution. 
We must try to keep within the constitution as much as possible. If we should deviate, we shouldn’t be sentimental at all, we should try to enforce the law, nobody is above the law,” he stated “Within the armbits of the law we need leadership that understands the world” 
The former President has been very vocal ahead of the elections in December calling on Ghanaians to exercise their voting rights with circumspection, bearing in mind that a vote for the wrong set of people will have dire consequences on their quality of life. 
He opined that leadership is key in driving societal change and development and so Ghanaians must carefully consider the choices that will be placed before them during elections.



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