​In The Mind Of Ladies -Episode 2

Chuy is a young flirting lady who believes all men are the same, men love sex and once they are dating you, all they want is sex, so she decided to play Taylor and eat his money, she saved Taylor’s Phone number with Mugu 5. [for those of you that are not Nigerians, Mugu is the same thing as a senseless person].

Taylor started spending on Chuy and giving her whatsoever she needed or demanded, Chuy have a very good friend called Daisy, she is in the same boat with Chuy, a runs girl also. Chuy discussed with her that she have gotten another Mugu called Taylor, she promised to run him down in business, she said she will eat his money until the young man run away. [Chuy and Daisy discussing and laughing.]
Guess what happened the next Episode. 
Click to Read Episode 3



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