In The Mind Of Ladies. -Episode 1

​Pemtsikata a young entrepreneur and a writer from Ghana, West Africa bring you another story titled “In the Mind Of Ladies”

featuring Mary Chuy and Taylor the main characters.
Taylor woke up that early morning preparing to go for his business, Taylor is a rich young guy who is looking for a passionate, educated and beautiful lady to date and marry, he have 5 cars, 3 mighty houses and many others.

On that very day, he had a call from his student Paola from Mexico, from their conservation;

Paola: Hi Sir, how are you?

Taylor : Awo dear, am fine how are you too?

Paola: Am also fine.

Taylor: OK, then why a surprised call this early morning?

Paola: Just want to check on you and say thanks for lectures last night. 

Taylor: OK, you welcome my dear. 

Paola: Sir please I bought a ticket for you to watch the Rio 16 games in Brasil.

Taylor : Really? But am always busy. Don’t worry I will make it, okay.

Paola: Thanks 

Taylor aside his Business also have online class with students from different countries.

Three days later, Taylor travelled to Brazil to meet his Student Paola, he reach successfully and they all went to the stadium to watch the game between Mexico and Brazil, Taylor had no other chance than to support Mexico. After the game where Brazil lose 2 nill  to Mexico, they have fun that day. 

When they were coming out, Taylor meet a lady call call Chuy, a beautiful lady which he later excuse his student after a little distance and was waiting for the lady, the lady was about to cross to the other side, Taylor came down from to meet this beautiful lady. 

Hello my name is Taylor and you? the lady replied and said her name is Chuy, they discussed and later they exchanged phone numbers and that was how they became friends.

Chuy started hanging out with Taylor, she never knew that Taylor wanted to date and marry her, Chuy have a boyfriend but their relationship was not serious.

Guess what happened next…

Click here to Read Episode 2



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