This lady seems to be the prophet of our days. She is blind, but she predicted such events as the falling of the twin towers in USA and tsunami in 2004. Hear what she has to say for the year 2016.They say that almost 70 percent of all her predictions have come true. 
In the past, she has foreseen such a notable and horrible event as the falling down of the Twin Towers in America. For this year she predicted the invasion of Muslims into the Europe. Amazingly, enough she has made predictions for the upcoming several thousands of years.

Here is what she said about the towers:“Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.”
She made the prophecy in 1989 and at that time no one has taken it seriously. Unfortunately 25 years later it has come to pass. The woman’s name is Baba Vanga. She was born in Macedonia, in Europe. Being 12 years of age she lost her sight. A tornado took her up and they found her later on alive, but blind.At the age of 16 Vanga has made her first prediction. As to the twin towers, she mentioned the bushes, and at that time President Bush was in charge in America.
2016, Europe will be invaded by Muslims.
2023, Major changes in the Earth’s orbit will take place.
2025, Europe’s population will disappear, resulting in wars.
2028, People will attempt to travel to other planets like Venus to find other sources of energy to Earth.
2076, Communism will return to Europe and will be contagious to the rest of the world.
2100, A new sun will illuminate the dark side of the planet due to a scientific project that began in 2008 which will create an artificial sun through nuclear energy.
2130, Extraterrestrial civilization will reach Earth.
2084, Nature’s rebirth.
2130, Aliens will help man to be able to live underwater.
2133, Poles will melt and water levels will rise.
2170, There will be global drought.
2187, Eruption of two large volcanoes will take place.
2262, A comet threatens Mars.
2480, Earth will be in total darkness as two artificial sun collides.
3005, The trajectory of the planet will change because of a war on Mars.
3010, Earth will be covered by a ring of rocks and ashes as a comet reaches the moon.
3797, End of the world, but mankind has moved to a new solar system.
5079 End of the universe.



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