GES to Post ‘Only’ Teacher Trainees Who Have Passed All Their Papers.

Trainees from the Colleges of Education who have completed their courses and awaiting their postings will soon be posted to their respective districts before the commencement of the 2016/17 academic year.

Meanwhile the opportunity may be given to only Trainees who have successfully passed their Examinations.

The Ghana Education service will commence postings only when the ministry of finance has given a financialvclearance to that effect.

EducationGhana can confirm that the Ministry of Finance will give clearance to only students who have passed all their Examination papers.

The purpose of giving clearance to students who have passed all their papers was to eliminate Pupil Teachers from the system.

The Directorates will be given forms by close of this week to ensure quick postings as soon as clearance is given by ministry of finance.

Trainees can check their postings online based on the districts in which they would be posted to but not the school. The Ghana Education Service is doing its possible best to make sure Newly posted teachers are not given Allowances but rather being placed on the payroll directly after the postings.


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