​“There’s A Special Place In Hell For Ewes Who Don’t Vote For Me” – Prez. Mahama

Not long ago, H.E John Dramani Mahama, on a visit to the Volta Region, asked Voltarians what the New Patriotic Party (NPP) did for them when they were in power for 8 years. This question received mixed reactions from the Voltarians.

In an interview with BBC in connection with the aforementioned issue, the most ‘competent’ President in the world said Voltarians are being ungrateful for overlooking the good works he’s doing in the region.

He said, “God has prepared a special place in hell for all Ewes who do not vote for me.”

When asked how he got to know about that, the dead-goat President said he put that request before God when He visited him at the Flagstaff House for a meeting.

According to him, the hottest place in hell has been reserved for only Ewes, specifically those who refuse to see the good in him and not vote for him.

He continued by saying, “God took me on a tour through the various chambers in hell. I was much more interested in the place reserved for Ewes so I visited that side. To be frank, the place is really hot; I almost got burnt. Even though the place is superhot, I’ve asked God to increase the temperature a bit.”

In the same interview with BBC, the President expressed displeasure in the fact that Ewes voted for ex President John Agyekum Kufuor in 2004 even though he did nothing for them during his term in office.

According to him, if Ewes fail to vote for him in the upcoming general elections, they will end up in hell. He therefore urged all Ewes to vote massively for him in order to escape that special place prepared for them in hell.


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