NDC Government should stop playing Politics with teacher trainees – Pemtsikata

​We’ve kept mute for a while now despite the hardship of the economy  but some critical issues  must be attended to as early as possible. 

Firstly, Government should calculate teacher trainees allowance for the three years and pay them as back pay before September. Because we’ve realised this Government is just playing politics with the teacher trainees.

Secondly, Government should make sure the level 300 trainees who completed their course last week, that’s the 2015/16 trainees should be put on salary before November, 2016. This is because as at now some of the 2014/15 trainees who taught for a year now are yet to be put on salary. We do not have trust in this government anymore. 

Finally, I stand for any correction but not to criticize my article or politicize it. I write as a concern citizen but not a politician. It’s purely logical thinking but not political thinking. Are nurses in the various nursing colleges better than the teacher trainees?

If the above issues are not addressed then the government should be ready to go to the bench and sit while the game is been played.  

It’s not a must but an advice to His Excellency John Dramani Mahama. 

We hoping to see a positive action towards the teacher trainees. 



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