M.anifest or Sarkodie? Find out Dumelo’s choice.

Ghanaian movie star, John Dumelo, has weighed in on the ongoing beef between Sarkodie and M.anifest.
Sarkodie’s on Sunday released the song Kanta in response to
M.anifest’s god MC , which appeared to take shots at him.
M.anifest had, according to analysts, laughed off claims that Sarkodie was the king of rap in Ghana and had gone ahead to proclaim himself a rap god.
The development prompted Sarkodie to fire back in Kanta, with one line of the song attacking M.anifest’s fashion sense.
“Obi bɛ diss me a na ɛnyɛ rapper ɔde GTP ntoma pam kaba…Me no me rap yɛ authentic.” To wit: “If someone would diss me, it is not a rapper who uses GTP cloth to sow Kaba,” he said.

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The development has sparked debate among Ghanaians as to which rapper is better.
In a reaction on Accra-based Starr FM on, John Dumelo said it would be hard to take sides, but praised Sarkodie for going international with his twi rap.
“It’s rare to find someone [Sarkodie] rapping in the local language and going international… It will be hard to take sides. Beef is needed,” he said.
Whom are you supporting in the ongoing beef? Let’s have your view in the comments section.



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