Dear Kennedy Agyapong,

I wish to begin by congratulating you for once again maintaining your UNENVIABLE REPUTATION as the as unbeaten man when it comes to the use of unsavoury remarks and abrasive comments in Ghana and beyond. You have proven that nobody can challenge you in this game. Not even the almighty Afia Schwarzenegger, who, everybody thought was the queen of verbal diarrhoea until her recent encounter with you. You really dealt with her like nobody’s business and succeeded in pushing the once bellicose and loquacious lady into perpetual obscurity. “Who say man no dey?” Nobody can stop you. So called celebrities cannot dare you. Your colleague politicians cannot dare you. Religious leaders cannot dare you. Security agencies cannot dare you. The media cannot dare you. The courts cannot dare you. Even the Parliament of Ghana cannot dare you. What a man you are!

Having said that, permit me to, at this juncture, tell you the bitter truth in relation to how you are perceived by every “descent Ghanaian”. I’m sure you would have by now, noticed that, even though you are an MP, people are very uncomfortable referring to you as HONOURABLE because you are a walking contradiction to that title, which comes with some gravitas that you lack. You have consistently, by your reprehensible and incongruous conduct, brought monumental shame and caused public disaffection to the NPP, the party you claim to love so much. You have also consistently affronted the sanctity of Parliament and brought the good name of same as well as the Republic of Ghana into disrepute. You see everybody in this world as INCORRECT and STUPID apart from yourself and treat women like rags. You have gained so much notoriety in chauvinism and misogyny. Your sanctimonious effusion is not only nauseating but also sickening.

So you really accused the EC chairperson, Madam Charlotte of trading sex for appointment? Like seriously? Aba! To have accused a married woman of infidelity simply because you have serious reservations about her work at the Commission is the most egregious thing to do on this earth. How low could you stoop this low Mr. Kennedy Agyapong? I am one of the many cynics who hold the view that Charlotte’s performance as EC boss has so far, been most disappointing but the reasonable thing to do is to attack her work and expose her crass incompetence rather than attack her person. To this end, there is every justification for the avalanche of condemnation you are receiving from all departments even though I know that you are unperturbed as usual.


I wish to point out something curious in relation these condemnations. It is very interesting to observe that the likes of Nana Oye Lithur (Gender Minister), Hannah Tetteh (Foreign Affairs Minister) have suddenly found their gender and human right voices after years of oblivion. Their silence was very loud when some women including Ursula Owusu, Francis Essiem, all female celebrities above 30 years who are unmarried, Victoria Hamah of NDC fame, Shamima Muslim among other astute women were referred to as PROSTITUTES. Are you telling us that Charlotte Osei is a “super woman” and needs to be defended unlike the others? Lest I forget, she is the woman to declare your “boss and paymaster”, JDM as looser or winner of the 2016 elections so you must necessarily be seen to be defending her for obvious reasons. I see. Such cancerous and hypocritical masturbation!

And you, Hannah Tetteh, where is your moral justification when you still haven’t had the courage to publicly rebuke that crazy and uncultured son of yours who committed a dastardly act when he lured a young girl into his 4WD, had sex with her and secretly filmed the act. He then released the sex video to the World without shame. You still haven’t realized the kind emotional trauma that your foolish son has caused to that innocent girl? Yet, you are now calling on hell to break loose on Kennedy Agyapong for insulting another woman? How more hypocritical could you be? Is that the kind of standard you want our women to emulate Madam Minister? “Like Allah said in the Holy Qur’an, the hottest places in hell are reserved for hypocrites” (Sheik Dr. Mustapha Hameed).


It is about time the NPP realized that Kennedy Agyapong has consistently dragged the party’s name into disrepute and caused them public discontentment. Of course, his reckless utterances invariably affect the party’s electoral fortunes especially because he deliberately drops such bombshells close to elections. Does he really want the NPP to come to power? I have always maintained that, without the support of “floating voters”, there is absolutely no way the NPP can win the upcoming elections and such comments do not attract floating votes to the NPP at all. In fact, they rather make the NPP unpopular before the discerning Ghanaian voter. YES, the clamour for a regime change in Ghana is very loud. Legendary levels of corruption, joblessness, hopelessness, suppression, retrogression and unprecedented hardship are the damning legacies of this John Mahama government BUT that is not enough to guarantee an automatic win for the NPP.

This is where I commend the party’s vice presidential candidate, Alhaji Mahmoud Bawumia, who is doing extremely well in projecting the party and making it attractive especially for the Middle Class, Northerners, the Muslim and Settler constituencies as well as Students at all levels. Whilst he is doing that in order to break NDC’s core support base, the flagbearer is busily consolidating the party’s support in its strongholds, that is, the Christian community and some regions in the southern part of the country. This strategy is really working perfectly for the party. Again, this is the time Madam Charlotte has incurred the wrath of Ghanaians and the Supreme Court over the EC’s handling of NPP’s concerns with the voters register.

Also, the commentary on the infamous MahamaFord scandal hasn’t ended either. Then, Kennedy Agyapong comes in as usual to steal all the negative headlines and project the party in a bad limelight, four months to the general elections. Aba! How can anybody convince me that this man wants the party to come to power? The youth of the party that support Kennedy’s unguarded comments MUST know that they, rather him (Ken), are going to suffer the most should the NPP lose the elections. After all, he remains a rich man regardless of which party is in power. In view of this, I expect the youth to be angry with him rather than seek to hail him for doing such disservice to the party. I also expect the NPP leadership to do a cost-benefit analysis on Kennedy Agyapong to see whether he is blessing to the party or otherwise. I’m sure when this is done, the party will certainly muster the necessary courage to crack the whip on him as they did to others and move on. Enough is Enough!

Assalamu Alaikum

Compiled by a concerned Ghanaian in the business of occupying hearts and minds for the love of God and country.  


Youth Activist/Social Commentator

Former NUGS Secretary




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