Pemtsikata ready to embark on Violence Free Election Tour with Volta’s finest Artiste JJ Gonami.

The CEO of Pemtsikata Multimedia Group of Companies, Prince-Enoch Mawuli Tsikata declared the Violence Free Election Tour a week after his birthday in an interview with Knight Shine Ametepe on Showbiz. ” I will tour Volta Region with JJ Gonami because he has the message i wish to give to my people of Volta Region” he posted on facebook. 
  I think JJ Gonami is the best artiste to go on the tour with considering the qualities he possesses and the purpose of the tour.   When we talk about Volta, Ewe is the most dominating language in the region so I need someone who has control over the language, and that’s the main reason why i chose the boss of the Ewe Dictionary, JJ Gonami. Not only does he have the control over the language, he is popular and influential as well. This tour is to Unite all Voltarians before, during and after the Election despite our political differences. We will start this tour from Ho the regional capital on the 1st of July, and I promise to give the public the road map for the violence free election tour. My people of Volta, let us not fight, shoot or kill because of political power, peace is what can bring development to our mother region. I stand for peace, I pledge to protect the dignitary of Ghana in all i do no matter the situation. I plead to you all to put this in your minds and work with it.
Thank you all cherished people of Ghana.



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