Let’s ponder over these few words Pemtsikata writes

God created man in his own image to take dominion over the earth and all that is in it.
The Bible tells us that “He that is in us is greater than what is in the world”. So why are we so afraid of the world and the things in it?  Why do we seek to see God when he has always been with us? Jesus was right when he said “he who sees me sees God”. We see God each and everyday. We are all surrounded by God (fellow humans). So if we love God, why not love our neighbour? And whoever believes that he was created in the image of God should know how powerful they are. They have the power to overcome the earth and everything in it. The bible tells us a thousand times not to be Afraid. “Fear not because He is with us”. Jesus told us that even if we had faith just as little as the custard seed, we could have moved mountains. So this morning I want you to know that:
1. You are powerful because you were created in God’s image
2. Fear not, have faith and love one another so that we can move mountains together.
Have a good day.



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