I’m grateful To You All for making my day a memorable One – Pemtsikata

   The CEO of Pemtsikata Multimedia Group of Companies, Prince-Enoch Mawuli Tsikata is expressing his heartfelt gratitude to his friends and families both home and broad for the amazing prayers, messages, wishes and above all, the gifts.
There are a lot on my heart but words of the mouth cannot express my feelings.
   I was shocked when my facebook, twitter, Imo and whatsapp got chocked with posts, comments and messages, seriously i was shocked when i opened my facebook account this afternoon just to see 400 plus messages and about 900 notifications which i got to realise most of them were my birthday wishes. The whole of today, apart from those who called and texted me as at 12AM was the only people whose messages I was able to reply , in fact i can’t do it individually to be honest. 
   I need to mention or highlight some key personalities like my Dad, Mum, Siblings, and the Tsikata Royal Family not forgetting my friends, am sorry i can’t mention more names as they are over a thousand.
A very Big thank you to the creator of the universe may His name be praised and adored for how far He has brought me and I know He isn’t done with me yet.
   To all those who remembered 22nd of June and wished me well, i pray the time they took of their busy schedules be multiplied, may the fingers they used to type their heart touching message see money and count money as much as their heart will. And those who couldn’t wish due to one or two challenges, I pray your challenges become your achievements in Jesus’ name.
    In an interview with Catherine on the Celebrity Fun Zone on Pemtv,  Pemtsikata promised his  friends and families that some great surprises will hit Volta and Ghana as a whole that will benefit us all.
   Am overjoyed, happy, and just speechless about the love you guys showed me on this special day. Seriously this love could have broken my relationship if i were to be dating he said.
    Once again thank you all for making my day, I love you all.
   God Bless Us!






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