Not A Prostitute, God Bless All Those Condemning Me For My Leaked Sex Tape Especially My Fell I’m ow Women- Amanda

Amanda Acquah, ex wife of football star, Afriyie Acquah has finally opened up on her leaked sex tape which went viral some few days ago.
According to her, she is thanking all who prayed for her during this period and that she’s really appreciative of it but she’s heartbroken and extremely not happy with her fellow women condemning her for sending her nude photos and videos to her partner.
She disclosed that she’s not the only one who sends pics and videos of that sort to her partner and that everyone else also does same. She has again blamed her ex husband for the leakages where she said it’s because of the carelessness of her husband that led to the leakages.
She posted;


A big thank u to u all prayin for me i Really appreciate everyone of u And i thank God for him for givin me strength to take this painful betrayal bless u all abundantly But to those condeming me i Have no words for u but may God bless u Too!! But im soo heartbroken about the fact that Women wit blood And veins Who Are not different frm me make fun of such a pathetic thin!! I don’t seee where I went wrong if my hubby asked me to send him a video while he was away!! He also sends me videos too which is normal but it’s rather unfortunate that his carelessness made it come out I’m not a prostitute and will never be!! So God bless all those jubilating And laffing cox one way or the other u all ave sent pics or videos to ur partners so i leave everythin And all those involved to God to judge us all. may he forgive me And forgive them too life Goes on.



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