Wonders! See the Co-joined Twins Who are Joined by the Head but Have Different Brains (Photos)

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The world is in awe as two twin girls are born with their heads joined togther but with their brains separate.
The twin girls are joined at the head but may soon be separated in a life-changing operation.
According to Daily Mail, the sisters, Nadira Alifa Putri and Nadiba Aisyah Putri, have been conjoined since their birth four months ago, sharing a skull but not a brain.
They were born on January 21 as triplets, delivered by Caesarean section at the Tanjungpinang Regional General Hospital in Indonesia, but their other sister is separate to them.
Parents Siti Nuryaningsih and Juarnes Prana Dinata, both 30, are now waiting for a landmark operation which will separate their daughters, allowing them to lead a normal life.
Mr Dinata said: ‘The doctors were shocked at birth when they realised it was a triplet and a conjoined twin as well.
‘I am glad that all the babies are healthy but I am really looking forward to their separation.
‘It is really difficult for me and my wife to see them like that.’
Their mother says they may share a skull, but they have completely separate characters.
She said: ‘Both of them have completely different personalities.
‘They are too young to make decisions but they know what they want to do in that moment.
‘So we think attempting a separation surgery is a step that needs to be taken.’
She added: ‘When one sleeps the other one wants to play so their sense of doing things is really messed up.
‘We are really looking forward to their separation.’
The twins have been referred to the Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital in Jakarta.
But doctors at the hospital have asked the parents to wait until the babies gain weight to perform the the operation to split them up.
But Mr Dinata is desperate for his girls to be separated sooner.
He said: ‘The results were not satisfactory because the doctors in the Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital will not be able to perform a separation surgery until they reach the minimal weight of 10 kilograms [22lb].
‘We are hoping that the babies will gain weight in the next 6-8 months.’
Conjoined twins occur about once in every 200,000 live births and their survival is ‘anything but assured’ according to the University of Maryland Medical Centre.
It claims 40 to 60 per cent of conjoined twins arrive stillborn and tragically about 35 per cent only survive for a single day.
Survival rates for twins who have separation surgery, depending on their type of connection, and the organs they share, it said.
Although success rates have improved over the years, surgical separation is still rare.
Since 1950, at least one twin has survived separation about 75 per cent of the time.



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