Dear Beautiful Charlotte,

As a concerned Ghanaian, I am not only deeply worried by also petrified seeing the fast rate at which our Electoral Commission, under your leadership is increasingly losing credibility in all departments. And instead of you focusing on how to win back public confidence, you are rather indulging in acts that would only deepen public mistrust in your enterprises as a commission and exacerbate your already precarious woes. Need I have to remind you, beautiful Charlotte that the peace and stability of this country, just like every other African country, is to a large extent, hinged on the conduct of credible, free, fair and transparent elections? And this, cannot be realized when the election governing body is seen to be arrogantly stubborn and completely dismissive of the germane concerns of key stakeholders like the political parties and even the ordinary Ghanaian voter.

Beautiful Charlotte, are you unaware that the debilitating ramifications of a disputed elections cannot be exaggerated? Haven’t you seen the macabre examples of Kenya, Ivory Coast and many others? Beautiful Charlotte, thousands of innocent lives got perished in these examples if you care to know. I am still in my 20s, just graduated from the University, yet to build a home and start a real life. I am therefore too young to die. I am not like you, who has and is still enjoying all the beautiful luxuries in life and virtually lack nothing.

I therefore won’t sit unconcerned for you to cut short my dreams having toiled to come this far. My parents won’t even forgive me. And please don’t get emotional when people question your work. You are our servant; remember. Nobody forced you to accept the position of EC Chair and it is not too late to advise yourself. Respectfully, beautiful Charlotte, are you waiting for this country to burn like Kenya before you take things seriously? Well, you won’t have your way as far as some of us are concerned because we shall fight you for the love of God and country until we succeed.

As we speak, I’m sure you know that we have only seven months to the crucial General Elections in November. However, you haven’t still come out clearly, to tell the nation how you are going to thoroughly audit and clean this “dangerously over bloated register” (with over 600,000 invalid votes) in the words of your own Panel of Eminent Five after they had concluded that the current register is overly compromised and can’t be used for any general elections. Remember they’ve also told you that these invalid names CANNOT be deleted using your age-long “approach of exhibiting/displaying the register for people to point out these invalid names with evidence of same as well as to proceed to testify before a court of competent jurisdiction is NOT a viable option”.

The Panel therefore recommended a special form of Validation to succinctly arrest this mischief. You initially claimed you have accepted the Panel’s recommendations and would proceed to progressively implement same. So what are you still waiting for? Don’t hide behind the courts. When are you building the necessary consensus with the parties and other stakeholders on the way forward? Again, what is the state of your controversial 18-member steering committee so called?

Beautiful Charlotte, instead of you to focus on finding answers to these nagging questions which essentially bother on the very core mandate of the EC relative to delivering a credible, free and fair elections, you are rather obsessed about rebranding and matters of new logo so called. What at all are you rebranding? Is the EC now a product which you wish to market? Does rebranding form part of your mandate? Even if it does, is this the right time to talk about rebranding when you still have serious issues of credible register to contend with?

Mind you, this rebranding hogwash comes at a huge expense to the taxpayer and not you as a person. Did you say you don’t even know how much this useless thing is costing the taxpayer? Like seriously? I am again scandalized when you said, “we like it, we pick it and it makes us happy” in relation to the clearly plagiarized logo. Respectfully, do you think the EC is your personal property? Is it about what makes you happy or what the nation wants? I’m sure you are aware that if a judgement debt is occasioned by this foolhardiness and nonchalance, it is my taxes that would be used to pay that. Why should I allow you to create this mess and go scot-free?

Did you also say you don’t represent the authority of the State? What! If you don’t represent the authority of the State, how then are you going to organize the general elections? On which authority are you deriving your powers? Are you a private entity? Can you ever be above the authority of the State? Is the EC now a Republic on its own? Then why don’t you rebrand your name (since you are obsessed about rebranding) and make it the Democratic Republic of the Electoral Commission so that you can fully assert your so called totalitarian independence? Absolute power indeed corrupts absolutely. As we speak, all the properties of the EC are owned by the State, the State finances all your activities, the State approves your budget and pays all your workers, yet you want us to believe that you live independent of the State of Ghana. How ironic and laughable! Please Charlotte, come again because your logic is very terminally inept and doesn’t add up at all.

You don’t want to be associated with any of our national emblems? Not even our Coat of Arm which symbolizes our unique national identity? No wonder you don’t even know the essence of the Coat of Arm. I am not sure you monitored Justice Atuguba during the 2012 election petition when he referred to the Coat as the embodiment of the State upon which the Judiciary derives its powers. Is the EC, which is not even an organ of the State bigger than the Judiciary? Go and ask Afari Gyan how he was shivering when he appeared before the Judiciary. Surely, you could have done better beautiful Charlotte.

On the involvement of STL in our electoral regime, it is not enough to tell us that they are only responsible for the management of the biometric registration and verification devices as well as the management of the EC’s database. This argument is at best, unconvincing and you need to provide further and better particulars. Remember, the Interior Ministry, which is in charge of our national security and a senior Cabinet designation for that matter has officially informed Ghanaians that STL’s mandate goes beyond what you have told us to include electronic transmission of results. I don’t want to believe that the State, through the Interior Minister, was lying to us. That of course, would be unpardonable.

As a matter of fact, we all heard the Deputy Interior Minister insisting that the Ministry did not err and in fact, proceeded to dare you (the EC) to make public the contract document between SLT and the EC which he claims would vindicate the Ministry. So what are you waiting for Madam Charlotte? I don’t want to believe you have something to hide. The contract can’t be a secret document because payment is done from the consolidated fund (our taxes). So we the citizens have every right to know the details of same. Of course, the EC can’t operate in secrecy and you know that. Do I need to take a cue from CitizenGhana and procced to court to compel you to produce the contract document? Remember there is an existing High Court ruling on this, which mandates State institutions to provide the citizenry with the relevant information/documents they request for. And why is the NPP and other political parties quiet about this? Like seriously? I can’t believe it.

In conclusion, it is pretty obvious that you have a lot to do to win back public confidence in the electoral commission, which is very crucial for obvious reasons. Beautiful Charlotte, please enough of the media engagements, enough of the beautiful grammar, enough of the self-aggrandizement and narcissism, enough of the belligerent and arrogant posturing. Let your award winning beauty and enviable communication skills reflect in your work because the business of the Electoral Commission goes far beyond these cosmetics and requires some significant assertiveness and meticulousness for that matter. I wish you well mummy. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Yours in the struggle for God and country


Youth Activist/Social Commentator
Former NUGS Secretary




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