Her family is a loyal NDC family since Jerry’s time.

Her father, Agya Kojo Kesson who did business between Ghana and Nigeria in the late 60’s and was one of Ghana’s billionaire.  Agya kojo have been the family bread winner and leverage in the NDC. He has  supported the come back of NDC spiritually and financially. As a reward to her father, she was appointed NCCE boss by the late President,Prof.Mills.
Edith Haizel member of parliament for Evalue Dwira in Axim, a seat used to be owned by the NDC is Charlotte Osei’s Auntie.At  the age of four(4), she was always driven to and fro school by Hon. Edith Hassel.
Charlotte Osei was named after her Auntie,Sister Charlotte who currently lives at Anyiaa,a suburb in Accra, Sister Charlotte popularly known and called as such have branded her car NDC. If a business woman can do this for NDC it tells her commitment for NDC. Her family is a strong and loyal NDC family, it is not for Charlotte Osei to destroy that rich family history.

Charlotte Osei can’t betray Mahama.

Charlotte Osei has a very good intimate relationship with our president, they were dating since; and she almost became the first lady of our land if not for the fact that the president was already married with kids. It was because of this that Agya Kojo Kesson lobbied for Mahama to be appointed as the running mate to Prof. Mills, so Mahama respects and loves Charlotte and her family.
After Afari Gyan, understanding to go on pension before elections 2016, the search for a loyal NDC to take over for him began, there was no loyal person  than an intimate friend of Mahama and woman from a family with a rich NDC history.
On the eve of the  announcement of her appointment, there was a meeting between the President and Agya Kojo Kesson, Sister Charlotte  (the NDC Auntie Charlotte Osei was named after), Auntie Aya (the favorite Sister of Agya kojo),Edith Haizel,former NDC Member of Parliament for Evalue Dwira(2000),  Charlotte Osei and some NDC strongmen, it was at this meeting that Charlotte Osei pledged never to betray our President and her family added their voice to make sure she works to expectation and that her father would support spiritually  (her father was the leader of a lodge at Axim and still a warlock).
Even if she(Charlotte Osei) want to betray NDC it won’t be Mahama, her intimate friend.

It is now clear to all Ghanaians that Madam Charlotte Osei is in to serve the interest of his ex and also to uphold the bond between her family and the NDC party. Is with this and many more that I Odo call for the immediate resignation of Madam Charlote Osei Kesson.

Odo 0243480483
Convener – Youth For Development



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  1. yaw says:

    Ken Adjapong, are you now happy? Mrs. Charlotte Osei is now vindicated abi.


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