Masturbation is the name given to the act of rubbing one’s own sexual organ for sexual pleasure. Most often than not, people do this when they are unable to orgasm in real sexual intercourse or in the absence of a sexual partner. People who do this convince themselves that they have had orgasm and the pleasure they sought has been achieved. Psychologically, it makes one think that with or without a sexual partner they can still get sexual pleasure without considering the side effect of it. One thing about masturbation is that, no matter the sexual pleasure one gets from the act, it does not bring forth a child.

Similar can be said of the government of today. Government officials, like ostriches deceive themselves that they are changing the lives of Ghanaians in the health sector by expanding infrastructure. Infrastructural expansion is meaningless if there are no human beings to make use of the infrastructure. Therefore, one can make all the noise about infrastructure expansion for personal “ejaculation” but it will be of no use to the people if the infrastructure is not affecting the lives of people.

On our airwaves daily and in the “NDC rented Newspapers” as well as in the propaganda ridden and lies infested “green book”, NDC communicators make us believe that post Nkrumah, this government has done what no other government has ever done before in terms of infrastructural development in the health sector. They talk of expansion and building of new Teaching Hospitals, Regional Hospitals, District/Municipal Hospitals, Polyclinics, Clinics and CHPS centers.

One would have thought that, such infrastructural expansion will automatically reflect in creating jobs in the sector. However, this has not been the case, rather nursing trainees who have graduated from school are made to wallow in their plight and continue to feed from the scanty resources that their parents struggle to bring home daily. Nursing trainees who have completed their courses successfully for sometimes now are left to themselves without employment. All the noise made by these young men and women have fallen into death ears.

It is like to be able to get job, you must face your fears and march to the seat of government before you can be recognized. Last year, some nursing trainees who have completed their course successfully without postings marched to picket at the gate of the flagstaff house. The police arrested some of them brutalized some of them but they were all posted the following day. It appears the order of the day has been that walk to the flagstaff house, get beaten, let the media come in and your problem will be solved.

But the million cedi question is; how about the many others who cannot be courageous enough to face the wrath of psychopathic police men? How about the many in other areas far from Accra who cannot get the money to transport themselves to the flagstaff house or to any media house in Accra?

If there has been massive infrastructural development in the health sector as the government pleasures itself with, how come it is not reflecting in employment in the sector?

You can masturbate all you can, but it can never result in bringing forth a baby.

Thank you.

By: Kwasi Frimpong

NUGS Press and Information Secretary Hopeful



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