“but Mr Emma i can’t just let you go, my hands are tied. This is a kidnap case” the
officer dragged, as if he was so scared of making any decision.
“you have no strong evidence against me or do you?” i asked offensively. He kept quiet,
avoiding the question. “It’s your decision to make, i have already told you my mind” i added strongly, while Irene` drew close to him. “please i beg of you, allow us to go home, Emma isn’t the criminal you are looking for.
Seriously we were just returning from my hometown when your men dragged us here. For Christ sake do the right thing” she begged, using her feminine power to work magic on the confused officer.
“fine, you guys can go and return early tomorrow, but first i need your phones and
secondly i will assign an officer to keep an eye on you. He will go with you guys. Please
make him comfortable” he addressed me, but i still shook my head in protest.
“my phones, what for?” i asked with a raised tone. “my love, give him your phones, you have nothing to hide” Irene begged, came forward and collected my phones.
“do you need mine as well?” she asked the officer as she dutifully gave him my phones.
We finally left the state police headquarters an hour later, after my phones were seized
and a young corporal assigned to go home with us.
However Irene’s phone wasn’t taken and she equally was much more relaxed and in
control of her feelings. I Seriously was pissed. “first thing tomorrow, i must have a serious chat with Jay. I just don’t understand anything again damn” i hissed as i drove while Irene tried her best to calm me.
Ooh and that night was one of the most disturbing nights of my life.
As early as 6am the next day, i freshened up and prepared myself for the long day ahead My plans were first, to visit Jay, find a way to learn some things from him before
reporting to the police station.
Irene however was very scared over my mood and tried her best to convince me in
allowing her accompany me which i flatly rejected. “i’m so scared honey, now not only Jay and your people are against you but equally the police. How bad can things get. Please i beg of you be very civil and diplomatic when seeing Jay, the police or anyone. I’m scared, i fear you won’t return” she cried, shaking my spirit with her words.
“take care of the house sweetheart. Don’t go anywhere, just lock yourself inside, and
when Peter shows up, tell him to keep an eye on my gas stations, i won’t want anybody
planting anything there to set me up” i seriously said to her. She nodded with tears in
her eyes, drew forward and kissed me.
“i feel responsible” she sobbed. I swallowed with pain, turned and left without another
word. Seeing her cry always made me feel bad, then her words, “i fear you won’t return” kept ringing in my head as i drove out of my house that early Monday morning with the policeman assigned to watch me, breathing down me neck.
On getting to Jay’s house, i begged the young officer with me to wait behind in the car.
He reluctantly agreed, giving me the privacy i needed to confront Jay. I slowly made my way into the compound without anybody stopping me. I murmured some quick prayers before knocking on the front door.
Jay soon came out and stared at me with surprise. “what are you doing here?” he asked suspiciously. “i came in peace bro, please i need to speak with you” i begged. “you are not welcomed in my house, just go away. Go with your evil spirit” he fired angrily.
“please you got to hear me out. Things has escalated from our little fight to another
thing. I don’t just understand what’s going on. I’m now accused of kidnapping Chief
Awudi. Please i need you to listen to me” i begged desperately, lowering pride before
him, but he kicked on it. “i’m sorry but i don’t care. You deserve everything happening to you. I will even testify to anyone who cares that you have the ability to kidnap the chief. Get away from my house” he barked and slammed the door on my face. I couldn’t believe i brought myself so low before him only to be insulted like a beggar.
I shook my head, sighed and headed back to my car.
Without another word, i drove straight to the state police headquarters to confront my fate.
There wasn’t any doubt i was merely on my own, without any friend nor family to back
me up. All i had left was my guts and i prayed for it to lead me through my current crises.
My situation really was a very critical one. But one thing i promised myself was getting
to the bottom of the whole affair. I swore to unravel the mystery working against me. I
swore to get the man causing all the troubles i was passing through.
A part of me felt it was Jay while a greater felt it wasn’t him.
I spent almost two hours with D.S.P Ato who took his time questioning me. I ended up
telling him my story, from the very beginning to the end. I hid nothing as i told him the
story of my relationship with Irene and the aftermath of it all. He listened with great
care, paying attention to every little detail. “you have quite a story Mr Emma and it’s just as if i have known you for a very long time. Seriously you are a sharp guy” he said with a smile, and surprisingly we became friends instantly.
Yea my story kind of opened his mind towards me. It was as if a bond was created as i
narrated the story of my life to him. Not only did he let me go, but equally offered to buy
me a drink which i politely rejected.
“the only problem i’m facing right now is that many of your brothers are pointing their
fingers at you, but i really have nothing to hold you on. I do pray your hands are clean
just like my instinct is telling me” he said as we shook hands when i was set to leave.
I headed home as fast as i could, to reassure, hug and kiss Irene. She wasn’t herself
when i left hours earlier and the best i could do was to go home and be with her.
Just like i expected, i got home to see her eyes very swollen probably due to long hours
of crying, but the joy of seeing me return, brightened her face, lightening up her spirit.
“I told you i got things under control. The D.S.P and i are now friends” i breathed as i
lifted her up.
“yea but it isn’t yet over my love” she replied and kissed me happily.
We later had a quiet evening in one of the restaurants in town, where we discussed our
challenges, love and upcoming marriage. We were very hopeful that things would get
better, but the fear in our hearts still remained, because things were far from getting
better. The person trying to ruin us was still free out there and probably making more
Days slowly dragged by without any news of the missing Chief. It all looked like one
giant conspiracy and I never for a moment let my guard down, but then it never stopped whatever that was destined to happen from happening.
Irene was abducted from my house a week later.
How did it happen??


Guess How it all happen? Comment below as your suggestions could change the story to your interest.


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