Displaced residents in Volta region cry for help

Over one thousand displaced residents of two communities in the Volta are yet to be given relief items.

Tidal waves in the area last week left residents of Fuveme and Attiteti in the volta region in a helpless situation.

About fifty houses were destroyed, the waves took away personal belongings of residents including farm animals.

“A government school that was established there has been destroyed. Books have been carried away,” one resident said.

The National Disaster Management Organisation-NADMO has not provided them with any items after their homes and other properties were destroyed by the waves.

Speaking to Joy News Ivy Sotordzi, the residents said they now reside with some family members in some other communities in the region.

The Assemblyman of the area, Oxford Etse Kpodzo said NADMO officials have gone to assess the damage caused but are yet to return with any relief items.

NADMO officials in Keta have confirmed to Joy News they will not be able to provide help until the national office of the organisation supplies them relief items.

Keta NADMO Coordinator Alex Atakpa said a request has been sent to Accra for help.

“We are expecting the relief items today. If they do not come, I will send the request again,” he promised.

– See more at: http://myjoyonline.com/news/2016/February-15th/displaced-residents-in-volta-region-cry-for-help.php#sthash.ng58mU9L.dpuf


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