Dumsor To End In March, ECG Assures

Head of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Robert Gyamena has revealed the erratic power supply in the country would officially end in March this year.
Explaining the reason(s) for the persistent power outages, the ECG boss explained that his outfit is due to the inability of the power distributor to measure the actual demand of its customers due to the load shedding the country was undergoing.
We are mindful of ensuring that we have system reliability in all areas of operation. Because of the load shedding we were unable to measure the demand of customers …but now dumsor (load shedding) is not coming back. We have enough transformers in our system; over 2000 transformers. We believe that within the first quarter we should be able to strengthen our network to make the system withstand the shortfalls , he stated.
The power outages is feared to have negatively affected businesses in the country considering the increase in fuel prices which has laid off thousands of workers.

Source: Jasper Gelli



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