Biology Teacher Impregnates 6 Ola Girls SHS Students in Reproductive Health Experiment

It’s difficult for us to understand who approved this teacher’s methods but for 3 years, it is reported that a teacher originally from Kpando in the Volta Region of Ghana was allowed to go on with a special ‘Reproductive Health Experiment’ class at Ola Girls.
The Teacher, called God is Bless Coffie, was somehow able to convince authorities at Ola Girls Senior High School to hold extra Biology classes—under this session, seemingly practical things were done to allow the students to have first hand experience and therefore advance their learning.
Apparently, seeing something real, touching it or having done it in persons makes it difficult to forget—and it was at the back of this logic that the teacher was able to keep everyone in the dark while he had his way the students.
Once a week, we are told, students will strip naked during this special ‘Reproductive Health Experiment’ class, where other students will have live opportunity to see and touch the breasts of others and also see different versions of pubic hair.
That was how far most people thought things went without knowing the teacher was having
real sex with some of the girls under the disguise of experimentation inside the school’s church building. Six of these girls have been found to be pregnant.
God is Bless Coffie was arrested by Volta Regional Police Officers yesterday—and we are told he argued with law enforcement officers that it was mere experiments gone wrong and as a scientist, such things are common within his discipline.
That explanation was enough to put him behind bars where he is enjoying free accommodation and food while awaiting to be arraigned before a magistrate this week.



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  1. mawuli Tsikata says:

    wrong or no wrong u r caught with a double hatrick


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