Couple die after having sex in hotel

A Canadian couple died in a hot tub after the husband suffered a fatal heart attack and squashed his wife, it has been reported.
Named locally as Charles McKenzie, 67, and Dorothy McKenzie, 63, the pair had been staying at the Playaca Palace in Mexico, where they were due to watch their daughter’s marriage.
According to an official the couple, who were from Nova Scotia, were found “in a sexual embrace” on the morning of 10 November, two days before the wedding ceremony was due to take place.
Mrs McKenzie, 63, died from “asphyxiation by submersion” after she was pinned under the water by the weight of her husband’s body, an official said.
A spokesman for the hotel told The Star that the couple’s family were being assisted by hotel staff.
Spokesman Francois Lasalle, from the Department of Foreign Affairs, confirmed the deaths of two Canadians to the media and said consular officials were helping the couple’s family and friends.
“Canadian consular officials in Playa del Carmen, Mexico are in contact with local authorities to gather additional information,” he said.



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