Agony of Love ~Episode 5


It was my school mom Abigail calling me but i was too weak to answer due to the pains i was feeling from the struggle and the slaps. Me not responding to her calls didn’t even stop her she continued shouting my name. I heard her voice closer i figured out she was searching each class for me and that didn’t even stop the swine he covered my mouth with his hands to avoid me replying to Abigail’s calls. Unfortunately for him, i had dropped my bag right infront of the door and this drew her attention. She run inside and found me in the helpless positions ” George what the hell are you doing to her” she questioned him angrily ” we are just having some nice time isn’t it.
I couldn’t believe the nonesense he was asking me that. Would you please let her ” Abigail demanded” and what if i don’t, what can you say about that? He replied. He let me go and i came crashing on the hard floor. He moved straight to where Abigail was standing and held her by the neck, ” are you stalking me? He shouted at her and pushed her out of the way and left the room.
Abigail quickly run to my aid and helped me up.
She took me to the dormitory where i couldn’t hold back my tears. They flowed freely as i lay my head on her lap. She consoled me and told me everything would be fine. I asked her how she knew i was in trouble. She told me that, even after our argument, she wanted the best for me and knew the kind of person George was and thus she had been spying the two of us. She told me of the places George and i hang out. But on that fateful day, when she saw me going to the classroom to learn of which she knew i had stopped ever since i met George, she knew something was not right. And then when she saw George following me it even increased her suspicion . I asked her to forgive me for my rude behavior and she said that she had already forgiven. That day was the first time i slept without thinking about George. The days that followed the incident was the worst momenta for me. Whenever i was alone the whole thing came back to mind and i was getting scared. I did my possible best to avoid him but he always crossed me after dinning telling me he was sorry. He even went to the extent of sending me notes through a boy in my class but all to no avail. The incident left me with a trauma. My school mom advised me to go see the school counsellor but i obliged.
How could i tell someone, i was feeling so ashamed. But this had a positive effect on me, i went back to studying hard and this impressed my teachers. George had also started a new friendship with one girl in my class Gloria, he would always come see the girl during break and i would bump into him. One day during such times, he handed me a note with this” i am really sorry for my behavior, i didn’t mean to do that to you. I still care about you and i always regret ever doing that. Please give me another chance.” Can you please meet me today at our usual place.” I read the note over and over and didn’t know what to do. I still had feelings for him even after what he did but could i still trust him?




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